Use Glutathione Supplements Along with These Products for a Fairer Skin

If there’s anywhere you’ll spend most of your life, it’s on your skin. So, taking care of your skin’s health and condition should be of prime importance. Glutathione supplements, kojic soaps and luxxe white creams are the latest products to aid in your quest to fairer skin.

Being comfortable with your own skin is a deliberate process! It requires making the right choice.

It’s true that the skin is equipped with its own corrective mechanisms. However, sometimes, its defence mechanism can be weakened. So, it requires some external help in the form of a complete regimen.

Let’s look at some simple things you can start doing today to help your skin obtain its full glory.

Steps to get flawless skin:

  • Replace ordinary face wash with a kojic soap

For a long time, soaps have had a bad reputation of not being suitable for delicate facial skin. However, all of it has been changed with the introduction of the Kojie san soap.

Why are kojic soaps the best cleansers for your skin?

Here’s why –

  • These soaps contain Kojic acid as their main active ingredient. Kojic acid is the Japanese secret to fairer and spotless skin. Produced by various fungi, and as a by-product of fermented food like soya sauce, it’s a completely natural ingredient.
  • Kojic acid lightens the skin by interrupting the production of tyrosine, an enzyme that causes the production of excess melanin.
  • Kojic acid has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Thus, it is effective in the elimination of skin problems like acne. Plus, with the combination of tea tree oil which is a potent anti-microbial agent, the infection-fighting properties of kojic soap are doubled.
  • Being a skin-friendly acid, kojic acid helps your skin to exfoliate, thereby, keeping its pores free from dirt.

Use this soap once daily as a cleanser, and you’ll notice a marked difference in your complexion within months.

  • Supplement your diet with the mother antioxidant, glutathione

Skin care specialists all around the world agree that antioxidants are the Holy Grail for bright skin.

Antioxidants are a must for healthy and glowing skin. There are many creams out there in the market that provide antioxidants to your skin topically. However, what can be better than nourishing your skin from within?

When you start consuming antioxidants like Glutathione internally, they can work on your skin tissues much faster. Glutathione supplements deliver the antioxidant to your bloodstream directly, thus, inhibiting your skin’s melanin production much faster. Additionally, glutathione has many health benefits as well.

Effects of consuming glutathione –

  • Slows down melanin production
  • Reduces effects of age spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Protects your skin against oxidative damage.

  • Use moisturizers with glutathione

Moisturizers that contain glutathione will lighten your complexion along with moisturizing the skin. Glutathione creams will work in conjunction with Kojie san soap, to improve your skin tone further. While kojic acid will keep your skin fresh and clean, glutathione will nourish it.     

So, by consuming Glutathione supplements, cleansing with kojic soap and moisturizing with skin whitening creams, you can achieve a fair and glowing skin.      

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