Various Ways You Can Rely on To Pass Hair Follicle Drug Tests

Know How Long the Drugs Stay in the Body  

Unless you are an addict, any drugs will eventually be eliminated from the body. The duration differs depending on the drug and the amount consumed. People also react differently to the same drug. For example, the time it takes for the body to clear marijuana is determined by the person’s body fat ratio, weight, how much was consumed, and how often it is consumed. Of course, the last time the drug was consumed is also a factor. For a regular user, marijuana can remain in the person’s blood or urine for up to 90 days since the last day of ingestion. If the usage is intermittent, the average time reduces to around 30-45 days. For a social user who just smokes once, the drug can clear from the body within 2 days or up to 10 days in extreme cases. Marijuana has the longest trace period, so the other drugs will clear from the body within a few days or up to a month in rare cases.  

If the drug test is scheduled in a period that can allow the body to clear the traces naturally, then you just have to stop ingestion and wait it out. You can supplement the natural process by taking a lot of liquids and exercising. Unless you are taking the test as part of a job recruitment process, you are not likely to have so many days to wait for the body to clean itself out, so this is not always applicable.  

Using Commercial Body Cleansers  

There is always someone looking for a way to cleanse the body of any drug residue. Entrepreneurs have taken advantage of this, and they have created products that can be used to help flush out the drugs. These cleansers are available in the form of drinks that you have to consume prior to taking the tests. The products work differently based on the manufacturer, but they can help you get the results you desire. If you need to pass a hair follicle drug test, visit in 24 hours. For example, there are those that will disguise the presence of drug traces and too much water in urine. This means that such a product doesn’t really remove the drugs from the body, they just make it seem like someone has not ingested any. Another line of cleaners contains dietary fiber, which is good for removing chemicals such as THC, which is what the tests check. These are mostly meant for moderate drug users since it is much easier to eliminate the drugs from their bodies compared to regular users.  

These products must be consumed within a specific period before the test for them to be effective. They also last in the body for a specific period after which they will no longer be effective. For example, a product might only last five hours after ingestion. If the test is done later than this, the cleanser might be useless if it was meant to conceal the drugs in the body. You have to check the product labels to be sure when to use the product. While the cleansers will help you pass the drug test within a short period, they are likely to have a few side effects. One common effect is a bout of diarrhea a few days after consuming the drink. However, this might be a small price to pay since the implications of failing a drug test might be more complicated.

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