Is There a Way to Stop Hair Loss & Thinning?

PRP Hair Therapy is an Effective Solution

Your hair plays a leading role in how good you feel about yourself but unfortunately hair loss and thinning is a common issue for both men and women across the globe.  

It’s not unusual to see men with male pattern baldness so they don’t get as many second looks but for women, thinning hair can be quite a traumatic and embarrassing issue, especially with society pressurising women to look perfect. Fortunately, PRP Hair Therapy is a truly effective solution to this common problem.

At each quality hair clinic professionals want to ensure that the low self-esteem you’re experiencing due to thinning hair is no longer something that you have to deal.

What isPRP Hair Therapy?

Platelet-Rich Plasma Hair Therapy, also known as, PRP Hair Therapy offers both men and women a highly-effective hair loss solution.

PRP is a hair regrowth procedure that is available at Medici Capelli Hair Clinic that will help restore your hair safely and naturally.

For decades, there has never really been a hair-loss solution that was both affordable and effective but thanks to the many advancements in the health and beauty sector, professionals have found a way to use your blood to help restore what your body has lost over time, including your hair.

PRP Explained by Hair Experts

After withdrawing a small amount of blood, we will be put through a centrifugation process that will separate the red blood cells from platelet-rich plasma. Once this process is complete, the plasma will be injected into the areas of the scalp that are presenting the most hair loss or thinking.

While the procedure is not painful, patients can expect to feel some tenderness across the treated areas for several hours after the procedure as well as some swelling. Multiple treatments will be required before you will start seeing any results but many patients have reported seeing some initial regrowth after only 2 treatments, it’s all dependent on the individual.

All Medici Capelli Hair Clinic patients can expect a fuller head of hair within a matter of months and should experience little to no side effects.

Why Use PRP Hair Therapy?

  • Timely results. You can expect to see hair regrowth results within a matter of weeks.
  • No side effects. There are little to no side effects when using this procedure to treat your hair loss. Besides some swelling and tenderness, patients can expect fast recovery times.
  • Boost your confidence. Once you start experiencing thicker and fuller hair, your confidence will naturally skyrocket.
  • Cost-effective. PRP Hair Therapy’s affordability is one of the main reasons why it has become so popular. This procedure is a worthwhile investment for those looking to eliminate hair loss and thinning.

Contact Reputable Hair Clinic to Get Started

If you’re tired of experiencing the embarrassment associated with thinning hair, PRP Hair Therapy is the solution you’ve been waiting for. You can start enjoying thicker hair within a few treatments and while the procedure might sound intimidating, it is well worth the minor discomfort.


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