What Documents to Furnish for availing EEOICPA Benefits

When it comes to filing EEOICPA claims, you should look for the right attorney in the region. There would be several agencies providing appropriate services to help you file the claim appropriately. However, you should be prudent in your choice of the agency or an attorney to help you file the claim properly. You should rest assured that any mistake in the claim would render it void. It implies that the Department of Labor has been very selective about approving the claim for availing benefits under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act.

There would be several aspects that you need to consider before filing the claim properly. The claim would require you to furnish appropriate documents with the Department of Labor. These documents would be solid proof of your employment with the Department of Energy. If you were having trouble finding documents related to your employment with the Department of Energy, you should seek assistance from the Department of Labor. They would provide adequate assistance to help you gather necessary documents to be furnished with the claim form.

It would also be essential to provide documents giving adequate proof of your illness being diagnosed by a recognized medical practitioner. The diagnosed illness should be covered by the EEOICPA. It has been an essential aspect to consider before filing the claim. If your illness has not been covered by the EEOICPA, you would not be eligible to receive benefits under the EEOICPA. However, there have been several other programs designed to cater to your specific needs if you were not eligible to seek compensation under EEOICPA.

The EEOICPA benefits have been specifically designed for employees of the Department of Energy working in the 300+ mines across the nation during the cold war. If you were an employee of the Department of Energy presently and have been diagnosed with an illness covered by the EEOICPA benefits, you would not be eligible for availing the claim.

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