What Exactly Is Involved In The Cremation Process In The UK?

Direct cremations have become the chosen option for many families over the past few years, and with lockdown restrictions as hard as they are, traditional funerals are not going ahead. Although direct cremations are a great alternative to a traditional burial, there are still few misconceptions about them.

For families interested in cremation only, direct cremations offer the opportunity for a respectful and personal goodbye, just as a traditional funeral. However, the process is a lot different. Being unsure of what the cremation process consists of can be a barrier in you choosing the option that is best suited for you.

If this is the case, then keep on reading as we break down precisely what is involved in direct cremation processes in the UK and how it could potentially be the direction appropriate for you and your family.

Cremation Only Services Provide An Honest And Open Process From The Get-Go

The decision to send your loved one off with a direct cremation might be a tough one to make, especially as most of us are more familiar with traditional funerals and what they entail. However, providers of cremation only celebrations for your loved ones, those where a traditional funeral service is not involved, are incredibly focused on honesty and transparently taking you through the process.

It is necessary to understand that direct cremations have no service or mourners in attendance. This is made known to the deceased’s family from the beginning. Usually, a different kind of celebration will occur, which the family could choose to plan privately, at a later stage.

Because, often, direct cremations are an alternative service for many families or family members when considering how best to send their loved one on, there is a high level of honesty when it comes to ensuring everyone knows exactly what is involved during the process.

From the moment your loved one is collected by the cremation providers, you can be assured that they are in good, professional hands. You can expect the same standard as you would get at a funeral service, just without the ceremony or vast expense.

Proper, Professional Care Is Provided Throughout

The direct cremation providers are set on delivering the most respectful service that you would want. The process typically includes the collection of the deceased’s body before the cremation. A team of specialists ensure that your loved one is looked after until the day of the cremation arrives.

On the day of the cremation, your loved one is taken to the chosen crematorium and, because no service or gathering takes place, a chapel attendant, as well as the cremation providers, remain present throughout the procedure. Knowing that this is the case will surely give you peace of mind, knowing that your loved one is sent off in this way.

Once the ashes are ready at a later stage, they can either have someone deliver them to your home or the cremation service provider will scatter them on your behalf. Again, this allows you to make a decision that will be appreciated by your family and loved ones.

The Personal Aspect Of Funerals Is Not Lost

Simply because there is no traditional funeral service taking place, choosing to go with a direct cremation does not mean there is any less personal aspect involved. Deciding on this option can give you even more of a personal touch. 

Your grieving time does not have to speed up to plan an entire funeral, meaning that you could organise an intimate memorial or gathering soon that more loved ones would be able to attend.

The intimate nature of a direct cremation also naturally makes the process more personal. The number of people involved in the planning and carrying out the cremation is far less than what is involved in traditional funerals. For this reason, you can quickly become comfortable with the specialists, and the process will invariably be a lot more intimate.

The choice to go with cremation only services is one that involves you and your family, however, if you are looking for something a lot more affordable, while still being respectful and thoughtful, then a direct cremation may be a good option.

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, but by choosing the right send-off that will allow you peace and closure will make all the difference.

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