What superfoods are in Shakeology

There are lots of protein shakes out there in the market that are cheap than shakeology but none of them outdoes it because of the many quality superfoods it contains. The phrase you get what pay for, will apply here. Shakeology contains 70 plus ingredients and 41 Superfoods. Superfoods are generally foods that are loaded with essential nutrients that help in enhancing enough energy for the body, boosts immunity, and improves moods.

Shakeology has been made in way that all the ingredients work together like a symphony in giving you synergistic benefits. All the shakeology superfoods and ingredients were researched and found by a scientist by the name Darin Olien. He travels the world to find the most nutritional foods and have the healthiest ingredients all together. That is why shakeology is known as the healthiest meal of the day.

Here is a comprehensive introduction to a list of superfoods contained in shakeology. Try and incorporate them in your diet throughout the day along with shakeology and you will be feeling super good!

  1.            Camu-camu powder

It comes from the rain forest. It contains the highest amount of Vitamin C than any other plant in the world. Its main healing power is that it is a mood lifter, energizes, and strengthens the immune system.

  1.                          Pomegrante powder

The antioxidant helps in treating diabetes, cancer, dementia, and any problems related to menopause.

                III.            Bilberry powder

This Superfood is antibacterial and anti-flamatory. It is a fruit. It helps in improving vision, and any symptoms relating to diabetes.

  1.            Blueberry powder

This a fruit that is rich in fiber and nutrients. They help in lowering the blood pressure, enhances the memory, and is also used to treat cervical and breast cancer.

  1.                          Lycium (goji) powder

This Superfood are berries containing at least 18 amino acids. This berries can be used in treating hepatitis B, heart, blood pressure, used to enhance the memory, treatment of breast and cervical cancer.

  1.            Acai Powder

This a powerful type of anti-oxidant that is used for treating high blood pressure, restore cholesterol levels, heart related diseases, and prevention of cancerous cells.

  VII.            Cordyceps

It is a type of fungus that has very helpful properties for the bone marrows and kidneys.

VIII.            Reishi powder

It is a type of mushroom traditionally used by the Chinese in healing the liver or rather protecting it, as an anti-cancer treatment and as an analgesic.

  1.      Maitake Powder

It is also a type of mushroom also used by the Chinese as medicine in regulating blood pressure, glucose, insulin, liver lipids, and weight loss management.

  1.                          Rose hips powder

It is rich in Vitamin C and are frequently used for the deduction of asthma symptoms and allergies.

  1.            Citrus bioflavonoids

They are extracted from fruits and are widely used in Europe for treating diseases related to the blood vessels and lymph system.

  XII.            Schisandra powder (berry)

It is an Asian vine that is used to treat hepatitis, and a stimulator to the nervous system.

XIII.            Suma powder

It is an indigenous plant and root which is found in South America. The roots helps in increasing stamina, endurance, and reduce fatigue.

XIV.            Hydrilla

This plant is found in Asia, Africa, and Europe. It is known for providing energy, improved immunity, improved digestion, reduced body fat, decreased appetite, and increased mental clarity.


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