Why Are Women Having Breast Reduction Surgeries?

This is a question that a lot of women who are lusting for bigger breasts wonder, but the answer is quite simple. However, before getting down to the point, if you are searching for a good doctor to perform such a surgery, you should seek out for help if you want to reduce breast size by Dr. Naveen Somia.

Simply put, breast reduction surgery, is also known as reduction mammoplasty, and it is a medical procedure where the excess skin, fat and tissue will be removed from your breasts. Women, and sometimes even men who have enlarged breasts will seek this procedure for both physical and medical reasons.

The usual reasons

Some of the usual reasons behind the breast reduction surgery for women is the chronic back, neck and shoulder pain that the size and weight of their breasts can cause. Some can even experience chronic rashes and skin irritations under their breasts.

Big breasts can cause extreme pain in your neck and back

Since their breasts are big, they are also very heavy and wearing a bra is not at all comfortable.  The bra straps can cause pressure on the shoulders and women are usually left with deep grooves that are very painful.

Because of their big breasts, women are not really able to do everything; they have restricted physical activity. This can also cause them to have low-self esteem as they are not comfortable with their own body image. Not to mention that finding clothes and bras is an impossible task, and so is sleeping.

Breast reduction surgery and breastfeeding

While you are able to have this procedure done at any age, even as a teen in some cases, it is always good to wait until your breasts are fully developed. If you have not started your family yet, and you are planning to be pregnant or you are already pregnant, it is advised that you postpone the surgery. Breast tissue removal during pregnancy can affect the surgical results.

On top of that, this surgery can also affect your ability to breastfeed. However, some research actually shows that your inability to breastfeed is actually related to the lack of coaching and support rather than because of the surgery. Some women choose not to breastfeed because they fear that their breasts might become big again.car

Make sure to have a consultation before the surgery

Every surgery has risks

Just like every other cosmetic and plastic surgery our there, the breast reduction surgery also has its own risks. For example, some women tend to scar after the surgery, and they will lose the sensation around their nipples and the nipples as well.

Sometimes, you might end up with different shape, symmetry and size of your surgically altered breasts, which is usually corrected with a follow-up surgery. There is even the risk of poor wound healing, but that depends on the amount of breast tissue that was removed.

The insurance might not cover it

If you are having the breast reduction surgery done because of medical reasons, your insurance may just cover it. However, if you are doing the procedure because of personal issues rather than medical, you might have to provide the money yourself.

Final word

The people who had breast reduction surgery tend to be very satisfied with the results, which is why if you have a problem with the size of your breasts, you should consider the surgery yourself. Overall, if you want to know more about the plastic or cosmetic surgery, you can ask for the best plastic surgery in Bondi Junction.

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