13 Ways in Which You are not Doing Justice to your Natural hair

Even though there’s more than enough information out there on how to properly care for natural hair, many women keep making expensive mistakes.

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Have you ever wondered if you were ruining your hair in any way? Especially with the trending #hairgoals, one is likely to try anything that promises length.  This happens even though we all wish to have a healthy mane and surpass our length goals. Show your hair some love and read the following ways you might have been hurting your hair.

  • Exclusive co-washing

Washing your hair using a conditioner is not supposed to take over your shampoo’s responsibility. Ideally, co-washing is meant to freshen your hair in between shampoo washes. Washing your hair using a shampoo helps in getting rid of product build up. A conditioner does not possess the powers to do this.

  • Excessively shampooing your hair

We hair is not completely wet, you might end up applying too much shampoo for it to lather. Besides stripping your hair, you are wasting the product. If you find it hard to do the wetting process, stand in the shower long enough for your hair to drench and then apply the shampoo.

  • Concentrating o the same spot when applying shampoo

The hair at the top of your scalp could be dry and flaky as a result of your washing routine. Switch up your shampoo application method by starting the application from the nape of your neck then letting the lather distribute towards the top of your head.

  • Not using a clarifying shampoo

Sulfate free shampoos are the best when one wants to retain as much moisture as they possibly can. However, exclusively washing your hair using sulfate free shampoos and not incorporating a clarifying shampoo isn’t very wise. This is because sulfate free shampoos are not good at removing product build-up from your natural hair. Normally, butter and oils need surfactants in order to let your hair free.

  • Overmanipulatig  your hair

This mainly applies to those that love twist outs. At some point, you may want to retwist your hair every night before going to bed so that they look freshly done every morning. This results in overmanipulation and breakage. It is advisable to use products with a firm hold so that you don’t overmanipulate your hair.

  • Combing dry hair

Combing your hair excessively when it is still dry results in breakage. Before embarking on the detangling process, thoroughly spray your hair with a mixture of water and essential oils. Be sure to use a wide-tooth comb when detangling because this determines how much breakage your hair is bound to experience.

  • Not following the manufacturer’s instructions

Some ladies think that the longer a product is left in the hair, the better job it does-not true! The health of your natural hair depends on the directions provided by the manufacturer, as a failure to abide by them could result in damaged hair. For example, leaving your washout conditioner overnight in your hair is not the wisest decision to make.

  • Ignoring your hair needs while chasing length

Who doesn’t want long hair? Every natural hair girl has some length goas. Unfortunately, many forget to give their hair the attention it is craving for while they are chasing length. Achieving lengths gets easier if your hair is healthy and well moisturized. This comes about as a result of having a good hair regimen, properly hydrating it and using products meant for your type of hair.

  • “Remoisturizing

You’d be surprised by what I am about to mention. The only proper way to remoisturize is by going through the shampooing process. The first application of leave-in is the first step towards sealing your strands. After this, it is nearly impossible for water to penetrate once you have applied an oil. Therefore, it is not use sprinkling your hair with water in an attempt to “remoisturize” it.

  • Your detangling and shampooing process take you more than an hour

I have had many natural haired girls complaining of how they schedule a whole day to detangle and shampoo their hair. Ideally, this is a process that should take you a maximum of 50 minutes if you are using the right products and your regimen is suitable for your hair. If this is not the case, then it’s high time you re-evaluated the two.

  • Adding oil to your shampoo

Why would you do this? The main purpose of a shampoo is to clean off any dirt and products build up. Adding an oil beats logic. It is like adding cooking oil to your dishwashing liquid…why do that?

  • Exposing your hair to chlorine

Even though the graceful women back in the 40’s used to pull such glamorous looks off, swim caps are not for everyone. After enjoying a swim, it is advisable to shampoo and condition your hair in order to do away with copper and chlorine deposits that may turn your hair into a strange shade. The two also help in getting rid of the chlorine odor and leave your hair nourished and filling soft!

  • “Aiding” well-formulated products by using additional product

Please stop this! Stop adding salves, butters, oils, and stuff from your refrigerator or kitchen shelf. The market is saturated with products that can meet your needs! The molecules form the extra products you are adding could be too large to get absorbed by your hair. For instance, your hair (and body) would benefit more from an eaten avocado than one applied directly.

Even as you strive to give your hair the care and attention it craves for, don’t go around picking advise from every Tom, Dick and Harry. What works for one may not necessarily work for you as well. Not to mention that some of these people know nothing about the best hair practices. They may be offering advice based on what the heard or saw someone else experiment. Even though it is good to gather tips from here and there, nothing beats the value a hair professional adds to your natural hair.

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