Get your Fibromyalgia Condition Treated Effectively

Fibromyalgia is a typical condition where you suffer from pain in your body joints, tendons, muscles, especially in the spine area. In some people, this condition also changes the chemistry of your body. Such changes can also bring about certain symptoms that you might notice. We can’t associate fibromyalgia with any serious damage of the body like damage of nerve, muscle, muscle repair, joint injury etc. If you are suffering from fibromyalgia it doesn’t indicate that you are at a risk of any other musculoskeletal disease.

The causes

The exact cause of why people suffer from fibromyalgia is still unknown. As per the fibromyalgia specialist, there are many probabilities as to why people get affected by this health disorder. When this disorder initiates in your body, you start experiencing a lot of stress in your life. This can lead to disturbed sleep and therefore your body can’t produce the required chemicals that are necessary to regulate and control the pain. This leads to tenderness in the forearms and upper back and triggers the condition. Other physical and emotional factors also play a vital role in this condition. A simple infection can also trigger the disorder and enhance the sleeplessness and pain. When you fall sick, you tend to become more depressed, anxious and inactive. Such emotional factors are known to aggravate the condition.

The possible symptoms

Though the elementary symptom of fibromyalgia is pain there are several other symptoms too that you can suffer from like feeling tried during the day, interrupted sleeps, weakness, dizziness, headache, depression, Tingling feeling in the hands and feet, constipation and diarrhea in alternate cycles, memory loss, increased sensitivity to sound, odour and light.

The restoration program at NYDNR

The treatment of the condition fibromyalgia needs the cooperation of three specialists like a rheumatologist, neuromuscular specialist and psychologist. Also, a proper trust building is highly essential between the doctor and the patient for the successful treatment of this condition. As per the fibromyalgia specialist of NYDN Rehab the source point of the pain should be detected and corrected accordingly. Some of the common treatment methods used by them are:

  • Virtual Reality Physical Therapy – In this mode of treatment, the patient is kept engaged in a virtual reality environment while they exercise to help them stay distracted from the pain.
  • Ultrasound using a dry needle – Here, the active point on the muscle is triggered to reduce the neuromuscular dysfunction with the help of a dry needle. This is done to reduce the pain sensation.
  • Soft-focus shockwave therapy – This boosts the metabolic activity in and around the pain area to stimulate the process of healing. This is a type of non-surgical treatment where shockwaves are sent into the body to treat the muscle area with the goal of minimizing the pain.
  • Acupuncture – In this process the needles are inserted into the body to reduce the symptoms, ease the pain and initiate the healing process.
  • Physical therapy exercise – This therapy improves the strength of the muscles by increasing the energy level, stiffness and pain, improve the sleep pattern and elevate your mood.

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