3 Best Practices You Should Follow When Using Ayahuaska During Retreat

The ayahuasca is an age old hallucinogenic plant which is found in the Amazon basins and is used for spiritual and therapeutic purposes by the tribes. It is supposed to have great medicinal value as well.  This has been used for centuries as a religious and herbal relief. In modern times also, it is believed to cure emotional and physical issues which attracts a huge number of people to the ayahuasca spas and retreats.

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According to the mental health professionals, ayahuasca brew can be used for solving emotional issues like depression, low confidence and even serious things like lack of concentration. However, it needs to be carefully researched and studied more.  It is mainly prepared from the baniosteriopsis paapi vine and the charcuna plant which is also known as psychotria viridis.  The brew is prepared by the learned shamans of the tribes by using specialized recipes and innovative ingredients. The shaman boils the torn leaves of the charchuna shrub along with the vine stalks in the water. Then the vine is cleaned out and pounded to enhance the medical elements. After that the water is taken out and the plant material is left. This procedure is done more than once till a liquid is produced which is extremely concentrated. The drink is then cooled and filtered to cleanse out the impurities.

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One of the most effective parts about ayahuasca treatment is fighting addiction. Usually an ayahuasca ceremony is carried out at night, in a secluded place in the retreat. The shaman sits in the middle with the participants sitting in a ring around him. The yage brew is distributed to each participant. The icaros or magical hymns are sung by the shamans and smoking of sacred tobaccos is done as well. It is to be noted that the effect of the brew can be somewhat severe to mild, depending upon the tolerance capacities of the participants. Nausea and hallucinations are part of the healing process. A medical unit is also on hand in many reliable retreats to treat patients in case of emergencies. The health details and medical conditions of each patient are evaluated before, during and after the treatment. The people with severe emotional issues have reported getting a better life condition with ayahuasca on many occasions. There are guidelines to be read up by Luis Eduardo Luna who is prominent researcher of the ayahuasca therapy, for people wishing to know more.

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