5 Most Popular Beard Styles to Choose From

Sporting a beard has become quite trendy these days. Gone are the times when having a beard was thought of as being unkempt, as now it represents masculinity and maturity. There have even been a lot of studies showing that many women are attracted to men with beards, so that’s definitely another reason to grow one!

Be that as it may, having a beard looks pretty cool. However, it’s vital to choose a style that works perfectly for the shape of your face, as well as a style that you genuinely like. Here are the most popular beard styles today.


You’re certainly familiar with this beard style if you know who Robert Downey, Jr. is. The Balbo beard is a disconnected beard with a floating, tailored mustache, and a fuller, high-chin hair growth. To grow it, you need to grow a full beard first, so don’t shave for at least 4 weeks if you want to start sporting a Balbo.

Van Dyke

The Van Dyke beard style is quite similar to the Balbo style, but the difference is that you can grow both your goatee and your mustache to any length you want, keeping the sideburns and the hair on the cheeks completely shaven.

Circle Beard

This one’s quite standard, but also very popular. Also known as a goatee, it includes a chin strap and a mustache, which form a circle around the mouth. It’s a beard that’s very easy to take care of and can make you always look presentable.


This one’s oldie but Goldie. The classic stubble is very simple and easy to maintain, and it remains the most popular of all beard styles. Now, you can choose to grow a short stubble, a medium stubble, and a long stubble. The long stubble needs to be trimmed regularly, so it’s a bit more difficult to maintain than the other two types.

Full Beard

 A full beard is definitely the most masculine and, if groomed well, it can look incredibly cool. However, not everyone can grow a full beard, but don’t worry if that’s your case, as there are plenty of short-beard styles to choose from.

You truly cannot go wrong with any of these beard styles. Whichever you choose, make sure you find an expert barber who can style your beard just the way you want it, and who will provide you with quality beard trimming on a regular basis to keep your beard well-groomed at all times.

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