5 tips in getting the best relaxing massage

Receiving a massage comes with numerous benefits for your body and mind. However, most people usually think of a massage as some kind of a treat. In truth, it should be part of a regular routine. However, for you to get the most out of a massage, it needs to be done in the right way. Otherwise, you will only be wasting your time and money. Here are five essential tips to ensure that you will get as much benefit as possible the next time you plan to get a massage.

1. Ensure the Massage Therapist is Qualified

The best way to go about a massage is to look for a spot that has been open for a few years. This is quite easy to verify in the era of the internet. You could just look them up online. Additionally, you could just ask your friends which spa they like the most. If you get recommendations from two or three friends, use that one.

You can also check the negative reviews on a spa. While they might have many positive reviews, you might find that there is a sticking point. Simply avoid that spa and pick another one. The good thing about getting a massage is that there are always numerous options in your local area. Take as much time as you need to pick one that will work for you.

2. Price Should Not be the Main Consideration

Never choose a spa for your professional massage in Sutherland based on price. People make this mistake quite often. They assume by paying the highest prices, they will get the best service. However, this might not be true. Such a spa may have too many visitors, which causes it to raise the price.

Besides that, they may only offer slightly better services at an extreme price mark up. When you get to the spa, you might find it hard to relax when you think of how much you spent on that massage. However, it is also important that you do not choose a spa because it is cheap. In most cases, if a spa is extremely cheap, you can expect to get cheap services.

You need to find when you get good quality customer service at a reasonable price. One way to do this is by simply calling the spa. Based on how the customer service representative responds to you, it is easy to tell whether you will receive fair treatment. The most important point to keep in mind is that you should not pick a spa based purely on price; look at other factors as well.

3. Communicate With the Therapist

Before the session starts, ensure that your therapist has accurate information on why you need to get the treatment. For instance, it might be because your lower back or neck feels tense. This can help him or her design the best massage for you.

As part of the communication, ensure that you communicate to the therapist any allergies you may have to any oils. He or she will have substitutes, which will ensure you leave feeling relaxed instead of itchy.

Some Cheshirebased massage therapists will play recorded music to help you relax. However, instead of being relaxing, you might actually find music to be a distraction. If that is the case, ensure that you tell the therapist about it. Additionally, if you have any music preferences, ensure that the massage therapist knows about it. He has a huge playlist and he can always find music that suits you best.

As part of the communication, discuss any fears or concerns you might have. It is important that you are mentally ready for the session so as to get the most out of it. If at some point you feel too uncomfortable, you can always ask the masseuse to end the session. The aim is to give you the utmost relaxation, not to cause you any discomfort.

4. Try to Relax Your Muscles during the Session

When you get onto the massage table, ensure that you relax your muscles and mind as much as you can. If you tighten or harden the muscles during a massage, it will negate any benefits. If you feel tensed up, ensure that you tell the masseuse. He or she will adjust their technique to help you relax your muscles.

If you find your mind racing during the session, try to focus on the hands of the masseuse on your body. Think about that and it will help you enjoy the moment. You could also opt for a distraction such as dimming the lights and playing soft music.

5. Schedule Many Sessions

Due to various factors such as being unfamiliar with the massage, you might not really enjoy the first session that much. Besides that, one appointment is not important to get rid of all the tension in your body. The effects of massages are cumulative. The more sessions you attend, the better your body will enjoy it.

As you go for various sessions, the relaxation will become deeper and your stress dissipates. You will find that you are able to function better in normal life; your stress will no longer get in the way. It is especially so if you are trying to recover from a soft tissue injury. One session will simply not be enough to help you get back to full functionality.


If you are afraid to go for a massage because of privacy concerns, that should not deter you. For one, the masseuse will step out of the room as you undress and slip into something comfortable. Besides that, you can dictate which areas of the body you would like to be touched.

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