6 Ways to Boost the Intensity of Regular Workouts

If you are working toward a healthier weight and boosting your metabolism, the key workout principle to uphold is to focus on strength training. Therefore, stop focusing and spending so much time on your cardio gym equipment at home, such as the exercycle and the treadmill.

Instead, get those weights. Invest in a set of heavy dumbells for sale and research creative ways on how to boost the intensity of your regular workout. Not only will you be able to define your physique better and increase your strength, but you may enjoy yourself so much more.

Professional trainers also point out that creating high-intensity workouts at home and using them to switch up routines can extend their health benefits to or compliment NEAT or non-exercise activities that burn calories. The combination of the two creates the perfect formula against weight-loss plateau.

So, apart from incorporating more weights, what other things can be done for a high-impact workout? Listed below are seven of them.

1. Increase the speed of whatever workout you are doing.

Performing exercises faster is one of the best ways of building strength and burning more calories. It can also boost body coordination and stamina. Speed is one of the reasons why military-training people are fit. They do most exercises in a competitive mode and to beat the time.

2. Variate movements more.

Create different patterns for your workout routine. Inject a few new items to the standard gym equipment you use. For instance, if you typically spend a lot of time on your rowing machine, add a few new pieces of fitness equipment and exercises to this effective cardio workout.

Have a go on the ropes, a seated lateral raise machine, and an aerobic stepper to create a full-body HIIT workout.

3. Bust some moves.

Dancing is a fantastic workout that is not only good for the heart but can also build strength. It can likewise ease you into the truly intense exercises that you wish to do.There are dance steps that force the body to stretch, flex (perfect for warm up), and speed up and slow down.

Hip-hop dancing, for instance, makes use of a lot of different movements that need to be performed in varying rhythms. The high and low, and slow and fast movements are effective in outworking slow metabolism and jumpstarting and sustaining the body’s calorie-burning activity.

4. Include pull-ups to your workout as often as you can

It’s the difficulty of pulling off this exercise that makes it greatly beneficial to health. While most people tend to think that pull-ups are all about arm strength, but they actually work out more muscles groups.

Sure, you tone your arms, lats, and shoulders, but while you are doing that, you also perform a weightlifting exercise. You are literally lifting your entire body’s weight when you do a pull-up. To perform this exercise regularly, install a pull-up bar in your doorway, or head to the local playground where there’s usually a pull-up bar station.

5. Learn some fighting moves.

Box or kickbox a few times a week. Both of these exercises burn a lot of calories, and they do not require special equipment, especially if you’re a beginner.

However, making sure that you are doing all the stances properly is a must. Following instructions is the best way to ensure that you are getting that most out throwing punches and kicks. It’s important to mention that learning how to execute fighting moves correctly may come in handy and save lives one day.

6. Fully engage other parts of the body.

Even if you are just walking on the treadmill or doing your steps on the stairclimber, you can make them more intense by engaging other parts of your body. Tuck your tummy in, swing those arms, pull back your shoulders, and sway those hips, and you will really feel the fat burn.

There you have it. Those are the creative ways that you can intensify and boost the calorie-busting ability of your regular workout.

You will notice that they do not switch things up too greatly. The strategies shared above focus more on combining different fitness strategies you already know and making sure that you execute exercises the way they should be.

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