Fitness Habits You Should Establish In Your 20s

In your 20s is when the real fun starts. You get to make your own decisions before responsibility and work consumes you. Life’s challenges will be much better if you maintain good health and wellness. Start these fitness habits from now and your body will thank you later.

Practice eating well

Between partying and trying the latest restaurant, don’t forget about foods that support your fitness goals. Good nutrition is even more important than a workout for weight loss and a firm core. Eat several small meals and snacks in a day. The right ratio of carbs and protein help you fuel and recover before and after your workout.

Stay hydrated

Water is the only fountain of youth you need. It curbs your appetite, releases toxins, and clears your skin. Staying hydrated is a critical rule in fitness for recovery and weight loss. But it’s not something you can do at your convenience. Start and end your day with water now to reap those benefits over time.

Learn the proper workout form

If your technique is wrong or lazy, you may as well not workout. Without proper form, you won’t reach your goal and could get an injury instead. Take time to study the right way to do each exercise or get a personal trainer to help.

Challenge yourself

To get the best results, you need to push your body beyond your normal fitness routine. Change up your intensity and the type of workouts you do to continue strengthening muscles and burning calories. Each workout cycle should include weights on the majority of days. Add in yoga or pilates to lengthen your body and strengthen your core muscles. Try other non-conventional workouts— like an obstacle course— to add more things you like to your routine. The more you love about fitness, the better chance you’ll accept the challenge and stick with it.

Put on the right fitness gear

It will require some investment, but the right gear is important for a healthy workout lifestyle. The right clothing will keep you cool and comfortable and absorb sweat. Clothing that’s fitted without hanging strings or loose parts won’t get caught in the machines at the workout gym or cause you to trip.

Your shoes are one of the most important parts. They should be comfortable and support whatever workout you’re doing (running/walking shoe, cross trainer, etc). Replace your workout shoes like you replace your tires; often enough that they are not worn, torn, or dry rotted. Something as simple as clothing encourages you to keep moving in the right direction with fitness.

Enjoy the journey

Exercise is something that should be a part of your life (like eating and brushing your teeth), but you should also enjoy it. Make your activities fun so they become an irresistible part of your day. Make friends with a crew who enjoys working out. Take a day or two to rest and recover from the gym so you’re excited to dive back into a fitness routine you love.


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