Activities for Seniors and Elderly

Activities for seniors and elderly will greatly improve overall well-being. Whether it is sport, recreation or any activity that involves getting us going, the exercise carried out at the time will pay benefits for us in the long run. Since the news tell us that over 60% of the UK are overweight due to diet and lack of exercise, here’s a small list of things that you may want to try …

– Walking
– Bowling
– Swimming
– Dancing
– Hiking
– Bike Riding
– Canoeing
– Golf
– Tennis
– Tai Chi


Anything that is physically stimulating through exercise has incredible health benefits. The above just a short list of ways to get going. Your imagination can come up with many more ways of “moving it”, but the whole idea is to move more.

Just consider your health BENEFITS. See yourself feeling much better than when you used to sit doing nothing. Anything in the sunshine gives you a dose of Vitamin D.

Nature hikes with family have given many of us enough exercise to improve bodily function and given us that good feeling of well-being. It happens like that when we get outside, breath fresh air, make the lungs work a bit, get the circulation going. It happens when we throw a strike in bowling, enjoy the downhill rush of skiing-President Ford skied into his 80s-or simply get out into nature in your back yard.

Rejuvenation happens with our increased body movement. The body responds by working better in a healthier way. Being active slows the aging process, lowers stress levels, makes us happier, more content, and puts life back in balance.

Many seniors in Watford care homes and assisted living facilities, keep alert with things like walking, Tai Chi, swimming, golf and even bingo.  Keeping the brain working as a muscle is important also. Quality of life is one very important benefit that comes with your participating in any of those things listed. Being active is a key to staying healthy and enjoying your later years.

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