A Brief Overview of Gut Health & Collagen


Balancing is the key especially when the question of gut health is concerned. The main disorders caused to the health of the gut are a result of eventual exposure for a long span of time.  The exposures can be in the form of late night stay-ups, stress, and consuming of processed food. These eventually cause a havoc wreck to the biome of the gut over a period of time. The main reason is that the bacteria find this place and environment to be suitable. They multiply in the environment which eventually leads to disorders and distorts the balance in the gut health. Yes Wellness serves a collagen component called the bulletproof collagen that helps in reducing the risk when an individual consumes the same routinely. This can be mixed with soup, smoothie, coffee, and even water and consumed by an individual suffering from bad gut health. The main symptoms that can signal bad gut health are weight gain, bloating, and feeling low and foggy, on understanding the same; one must know that the health of the gut is not balanced proportionally.

Impacts on gut health

There are a lot of visible symptoms that can be seen due to the poor health of the gut and these symptoms vary in a wide range. The mental and the physical health are affected that causes a distortion in the balance. The common symptoms related to the poor health of the gut are visible in the form of fogginess, bloating, anxiety, weight gain, and depression. On being exposed to these symptoms, the quality of life for an individual can be at stake and threatened to the highest limit.

Causes of poor gut health

Permeability plays the vital role when it comes to the health of the gut. When the gut is healthy, it has a mucosal lining that is protective, sealed, and impermeable. The gut breaks down all the food materials so that they can pass easily through the intestines. In case of any damages caused by the bacteria to the lining of the gut, common symptoms like anxiety, sleeplessness, gut leaks, several other consequences are visible and can be sighted. If the gut is leaky, the bacteria and the pathogens can easily pass through the existing lining of the gut that is sealed. This helps them to enter the bloodstream of the body easily. These undigested food materials finally hit the complete system of the body a common condition of inflammation results due to an immediate response from the immune system. This becomes the main reason for all the symptoms and the issues to occur in the body.

Elimination of gut-related issues

Healing the gut and sealing it with the existing mucosal lining is the main way in which the health of the gut can be balanced and restored. The restoration of the impermeability can be done by the sealing process of the gut. This helps in better food digestion through sealing of the inner lining. This ensures that the body no longer works for additional hours for curing the cause of inflammation. This gives a break to the body’s built-in immunity. Calmness is eventually imposed on the body, and a balance in the mental and the physical health is visible. The sealing procedure of the gut can be possible with the help of collagen as it helps in restoring the mucosal lining in the best possible manner in a smooth and faster way.


How does collagen help to restore gut health?

Collagen is considered to be one of the most vital and important components that effectively help in sealing the lining of the gut that results in improved gut health. Collagen is a recognized supplement in today’s world to cure gut health and restore it back. Not only does the collagen supply the body with new building blocks in the form of amino acids, the amino acids in return supports the health of the gut as the collagens are hydrolyzed in nature. The maintenance of growth, proper functioning of intestines, and integrity are maintained as a result of the collagen intake. The mucosal lining of the gut is healed and supported with the help of amino acids like proline, methionine, serine, and arginine. The inflammation caused to the gut can also be reduced with the help of the amino acid glycine.

Final Word

A balance in the levels of collagen in the body helps is balancing the health of the gut. There is a boost of collagen level in the body at the early twenties, and there is a significant decrease as one age. It decreases to approximately just above 1% with each passing year. This decline can be handled with the help of consuming natural collagen in its hydrolyzed form. There are a lot of collagen supplements present in the marketplace that can be mixed with any consumable liquid and served to the body for better efficiency and improvement in the health.

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