Athletes and Steroids: An insight

What are steroids? Steroids like clen are organic compounds that comprise of hormones, alkaloids and vitamins. They comprise mostly of the testosterone hormone that while present in both men and women is seen at higher levels in males. Steroids are synthetic and are usually used to treat ailments such as asthma, delayed puberty, AIDS and ever Cancer. Doctors prescribe steroids for reasons such as muscle repair after trauma, red blood cells repair, breast cancer etc and while these are legitimate, it is not always the case. More often than not we hear about steroids in the news and it is usually in conjunction with athletes.

In simple terms clen helps muscles grow and heal faster, stronger and reduce stress levels on a short term basis which helps long term strenuous activities. They provide that little extra push required to push the limits of the sport. Steroids combat stress levels and this helps the fatigue from building up while doing strenuous activities. Swimming, Running, Basketball, Bodybuilding, Baseball, Cycling are some of the sports where we commonly hear about the usage of steroids. Winning that gold medal in the olympics, bringing glory to your country is almost every player’s dream.

Unfortunately some take to steroids to achieve that dream at the risk of losing it all. A lot of athletes feign ignorance when caught but since it is hard to get a hold of these illegal drugs that is a hard story to sell.

Steroids can be taken orally, rubbed on the skin or injected into the system. Either way they can be detected either in the bloodstream or through a urine analysis. Some athletes sneak it into their dietary supplements while others choose to take shots for faster results. All and any form of performance enhancing drug for a sport is illegal and sportspersons are banned from using these drugs.

Why do Athletes take Clenbuterol?

What is it in a steroid that draws athletes towards it like flies to a fire? Why do top notch athletes risk their careers? The answer is usually pretty straight forward. To WIN, to stay at the top. Athletes at the top of their career are usually under undue pressure from sponsors to keep up with the performance and steroids are usually used to keep up with this pressure. Some athletes believe that the body building steroids & supplements like Clenbuterol Cycle increase the streak of competitiveness and hence give them an extra edge over others.

There is also the added promise of winning which is why these are often referred to as performance enhancing drugs. That being said, steroids are illegal if used by athletes and if caught they could lose credibility, their past glory and even be banned from the sport they built their lives for. A lot of young athletes start their careers at a very impressionable age aka high school. And many of them get pulled into the Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED) game because of peer pressure. However, some of these anabolic steroids are available over the counter and are also legally available online. So, what are you still waiting for?




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