Benefits of Onion for hair care

From long time people across globe have been using onion as part of their cuisine. Onion has significant healing properties, it is good in taste and has medical value in skin care also. Did you know onion can be used for hair care as well? Yes, one has to fight its smell, that is given, but benefits of onion far outweighs its odour.

How onion help in hair care?

  1. When scalp is massaged with onion juice, it increases the blood circulation and gives a boost to hair regrowth.
  2. Onion prevents loss and shedding of hair and combats hair loss. Onion provide nourishment to hair follicles.
  3. Anti-oxidants present in onion help in fighting greying of hair.
  4. Onion juice when mixed with lemon is great cure for dandruff.
  5. It provides natural strength and shine to our hair.

Onion juice for hair care has many different ways of doing. onion juice can be mixed with different type of natural ingredients like lemon juice, henna, ginger, coconut oil and other essential oils to combat different type of hair issues. For instance, when mixed and applied with lemon, it is very effective in moisturising the scalp and battle dandruff. I speak from personal results, I used onion juice with lemon and it works, I though did not like its smell initially.  When mixed with Henna, onion juice helps in restoring natural colour and help in fighting premature whitening of hair. Henna is used as natural hair colour for ages.

Likewise, with essential oils, it help in giving that shine and strength to hair. There literally are over 20-25 odd ways in which onion can be used on hair. Most of us would not like the onion smell from hair and at times it gets difficult to breathe in, however, there are ways you can reduce that smell by adding lemon, apple cider vinegar or essential oils in mixture before application hair. During rinsing  mixture out, use cold water instead of hot or lukewarm water because it will help in reducing the smell post cleansing.

In short, onion apart from great medicinal values, imparts very effective cure in hair issues, such as, scalp infection, hair loss, grey hair, dandruff, slow hair growth. It has been in use as hair remedy for long time, so, give it a try once and you will see its effects even after second or third wash.

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