Importance of PCT in a Tren Steroid Cycle

Trenbolone is actually an animal grade anabolic androgenic steroid used in the cattle industry.But it has been seen that bodybuilders use it for muscle building due its powerful anabolic properties. Trenbolone is used by most competitive athletes in their bulking and cutting phase. It is used on the cattle before slaughtering them. In human, it is known to offer the several benefits like development of lean muscles, boost the production of IGF-1, increases the level of red blood cells, accelerates the process of protein synthesis and improves the process of nutrient absorption by the body.

What is meant byPCT

PCT stands for ‘Post Cycle Therapy’ which is normally associated with steroids. When you take anabolic androgenic steroids, the natural hormone level in your body gets altered. Most of the anabolic steroids are known to suppress the production of natural testosterone. In this process, if you are not careful your progesterone and estrogen levels may rise to a great extent.With proper use of supplements, the level of these hormones can be controlled, but the level of testosterone still remains suppressed. When you are towards the end of the cycle and have discontinued the use of all the anabolic steroids even at this point, the testosterone level still remains suppressed. At this stage, it is usually recommended that you give your body rest and allow it to produce the hormone testosterone naturally. This process is known as the post cycle therapy. When the cycle is a Trenbolone cycle, then this phase is termed as the Trenbolone post cycle therapy.

Tren Steroid Cycle to be followed by a PCT

Though the prime reason as discussed above is to restore the body’s natural testosterone level, there are also other purposes like:

  • To restore the normal heath condition
  • Improve the overall strength
  • Boost the libido
  • Check the loss of muscles and fat deposition

In the PCT phase, hCG and SERMs help to restore the body’s natural production of the hormone. hCG which stands for Human chorionic gonadotropin plays a crucial role after the Trenbolonecycle. It teaches your body again how to start producing testosterone. SERM which stands for Selective Estrogen Reuptake Modulators regulates the body’s HTPA which is responsible for the testosterone production.

PCT planning

Planning Trenbolone post cycle therapy is an easy task. If we consider that you have used testosterone during the Tren steroid cycle, then you need to focus on the type. If it is a short-estered version, like testosterone propionate then you will have to start the hCG 3 days after you had taken the last injection and the dosage should be around 500iu to 1000iu daily for 10 days. Next, you should immediately start with SERM therapy. Here, you would require 150mg of Clomid or 40mg of Nolvadexdaily for 2 weeks, then reduce the dose to half and continue for the next 2 weeks. Now, if the testosterone is a long-estered version, like testosterone enanthate, you just have to wait for 10 days after you had taken the last injection to start with hCG and follow the same pattern of dosage.


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