You Can’t Escape Health Insurance Forever

Insurance in the US has become an almost “luxury” item for some people. Even with the help of ACA, many people find it too expensive. So some people go without and that is a higher cost than what most realize. Sure, you might be able to avoid health care issues when you are young and relatively healthy. Still, things happen and people age. Health insurance is something we all need and here are the reasons why.

Opt for Some Kind of Insurance

If you are frustrated at your options, you may need to seek out assistance to learn about other opportunities. A quick trip to your local social services office can help you learn about choices that you may not have been aware of. Some younger folks may qualify for Medicaid and older folks may qualify for Medicare. If you are older, we do recommend applying for Medicare Part C Plans!

Early Detection

Regular visits to your family physician are an absolute must to help you stay on top of any potential health issues later on. This is especially important if you have long family histories of serious medical conditions that can be passed on genetically. If you don’t visit a doctor regularly, and those without insurance don’t, you won’t know what is going on until you have developed a serious issue that could land you in the emergency room. And that is far more expensive and is likely to occur as people age.

Eventually, We Break Down

At some point, our bodies start to break down. When that happens varies, but it is a reality of aging. We gain weight easier, our hearts start behaving badly, our bones become brittle, and some of us have trouble with our memory.  Having insurance means that many of these issues can be covered and taken care of quickly and before they get worse. Without insurance means a lot of expensive trips to the hospital and a lower quality of life as we suffer the aches and pains while avoiding costly medical trips.

Accidents are Costly

Accidents occur at any age and at any time. We can be out for a Sunday drive and get hit by a negligent driver. We could be at work and fall or have something fall on us. We could be at home and trip over the cat or carpet and end up falling down a flight of stairs. Accidents will happen to all of us at some point and when we don’t have insurance, it can get expensive quick. In most of the scenarios, there is someone else who would be responsible for paying our medical bills but it can still be a while before that money is paid out. Lawyers are required to sue the negligent driver. A lawyer might be needed to represent you for worker’s compensation. That means time as both sides figure out their best advantage. When it comes to medical bills, there isn’t a lot of time and you could be saddled with paying them until you see a check head your way. If you don’t have savings, this can be a huge financial burden.

Do what you can to find some kind of insurance coverage. Read carefully what is covered. If you know you have a family history of cancer, be sure that your coverage includes cancer care. Not all insurance is the same and you need to place bets on what could happen to you in the future. Once you have it, use it. Visit your physician regularly and take care of the blessed body you were given. Your quality of life depends on it!

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