The Detox Trend: Different Ways to Get Similar Benefits

Removing toxins from the body and cleansing the system is possible through a detox. It has become a trendy option with celebrities and others touting one system or another as the best way to eliminate harmful substances from their bodies and even drop a few pounds quickly. Though there are different ways to do this, most provide similar benefits that make them worthwhile.

Substance Abuse Vs. A Health Choice

Most people previously thought of a detox as one for substance abuse. People had to go through the process in order for their bodies to eliminate the harmful substances they had been abusing and return to a normal state. The type of detox more commonly referred to in today’s time is simply a health. People are wanting to get rid of all the crud they’ve ingested and help their bodies feel healthier and better than they have in a while. While a juice cleanse can be done at home, those who need to kick an addiction to drugs or alcohol are going to need professional help. The internet can be a great starting point. Many programs, like, are available in any town or city where the need might arise.

Coffee Enema for Detoxing Purposes

Some individuals may experience an urge to go to the bathroom after drinking coffee. Rather than drinking it, however, some people are turning to a coffee enema as a way to eliminate waste. The caffeine from the coffee gets transported directly to the liver in this way, allowing for a full detoxification process. It boosts liver functions and helps the body clean the blood by removing contaminants.

The Juice Detox

Juicing has become a popular option for people looking to lose weight and gain the nutrients their bodies need. Instead of trying to get calories from food, people are juicing instead. This detox possibility provides the body with the vitamins and antioxidants it needs to fight off infection, stay healthy, and manage weight. A juicer is needed so only pure fruit or vegetable juice is consumed. Store-bought options are not as beneficial due to the added sugar. A smoothie is a similar option but it offers a bit more substance to keep a person feeling full, which juice doesn’t do.

Epsom Salt Bath

Without having to drink anything or place anything inside the body in uncomfortable places, people can still gain the detox benefits. Taking a bath in certain ingredients, starting with Epsom salt, is one way to help flush out toxins through the skin. Pouring a cup of Epsom salt combined with a cup of baking soda into hot water is a common option. Soaking in this for 20 minutes or more is said to offer pain relief and muscle relaxation, as well as decrease swelling.

Water is the Answer

These other detox options can work, but they aren’t always necessary. Individuals can stick with drinking water if they want to help their bodies do the job on its own. Water will flush out the system and help the kidneys function as designed. Waste will be eliminated and the body will get rid of any harmful substances within. Drinking more water is the go-to answer for a lot of health questions, so try this first and foremost.

The trend is one everyone can take part in. With so many different ways to detox and a slew of health benefits possible with each, anyone looking to eliminate toxins from their body can do so. Try out these options, spaced out to give the body a rest, and see how well a detox can work for you.