Diet, weight loss and exercise – the green clean way

Looking at ourselves in the mirror? Not finding the right angle to eliminate the double chin? Time to take the action a notch higher, hmmm, maybe not! Advice , warning … what if someone told you that you can lose weight without losing your mind. Isn’t that what you have been looking for?

Diet, weight loss and exercise – lethal or the one to kick up your metabolism and make you whole again? That’s for you to decide, no one else can do it for you. However, the diet,weight loss and exercise regimen that we aim to follow most of the time leaves us weary and sad. Why? Because they all cut out the best parts!!!

The big surprise

The clean green way dismisses all these diet, weight loss and exercise myths. By eating often and in small qualities they ensure that you are not deprived of what your body needs and wants – 3500 calories everyday!

I can hear you tsk tsk… but that’s true. If you stop eating a part of you will crave for it even when your mind tells you not to and then the urge will overcome all the good you have done and thus the yo-yo effect of it.

Green is not mean

The clean green way ensures that you take in a good amount of protein in the way of green leafy vegetables – which are easier to digest, while not cutting out the best bits of your diet plan. This will ensure that with a good healthy diet you will achieve great weight loss with the adequate amount of exercise that your body needs to burn it all up.

Don’t go sugar window shopping – step in and indulge in the pastry staring right there at you. Your body probably needs it.

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