Why Try a Coffee Natural Enema for Detox?

While you may have only heard about coffee enemas recently, people have been using it for cleaning and cleansing the body for countless years. Its’ usage go back about 4000 years to the time of the Hindu Vedas, the earliest known medical textbook, and ever since people have used it in virtually every ancient culture as a way of cleaning and purifying the body. The ancient Greeks, Chinese, Romans and Sumerians have all described cleaning of the bowel using the enema.

Hippocrates, the daddy of modern-day medicine (400BC), described the enema as a helpful method to clean the intestines. The enema was a traditional medical treatment for numerous health conditions. In the 17th Century, the enema was popular, and many families kept an enema, and it was not unusual for anyone to have 3 to 4 enemas a day.

Dr Harvey Kellogg in the 1900’s was famous for his health retreat where he assisted numerous countless people to recover from all sorts of health conditions utilising mainly diet, workout and enemas. He was reported to have successfully treated over 40,000 individuals with his basic yet effective therapies.  He believed that over 90% of all illnesses that impact human beings were related to a malfunctioning colon, and that you can reverse the condition by appropriate nutrition, workout and with the routine use of enemas to clean the colon.

So what is a coffee enema and how can it help you?

A coffee enema is a method of introducing a caffeinated liquid solution into the anus. The procedure does not have the same impact as drinking coffee orally. The veins in the rectum are very near the wall of the tissue and more readily absorbed by the body in higher concentrations compared to drinking it. Blood circulation takes the caffeine directly into the liver where the magic happens.

When it reaches the liver, caffeine and its’ accompanying metabolites benefit the body in various ways. First, the bile duct opens stimulating more bile flow. Second, liver functions improve creating an increase in blood detoxification. The liver is a major organ in the body and responsible for clearing the blood of most of the contaminants and toxins.  If the latter is unable to serve its’ function, an accumulation of toxic substances will flood your body leading to health problems or disease.

As touted by reputable holistic organisations like “Coffee Enemas Australia“, a coffee enema when appropriately utilised can cause a significant boost in liver detox functions releasing beneficial enzymes like glutathione. All these leads to cleaner blood and a much healthier body. Also as the coffee enema causes the body to produce more bile, the body is better able to purge significant quantities of toxins through the bile ducts. Many find quick relief for ailments like constipation and severe fatigue following the procedure along with with a sensation of wellness and good health.

Learn more about coffee enemas and what it can do for you as a detox solution. Check out websites like https://coffeeenemas.com.au/ that delve into the matter.

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