Drug Testing: Why it is Done and What it Shows Up?

The good news is that if you have not been participating in illegal drug abuse, you are going to get the job.

The bad news is that even if you have not been participating in illegal drug abuse, still the process is going to be stressful.

What shows up in a drug test?

You are always scared, cleaned or uncleaned; you aren’t sure what the result will show up. A clean person will pray that nothing should show up, and an illegal drug abuser will also pray that if any way nothing shows up in the test. But the truth is that the test is a dependable one, and nothing incorrect can show up if the tests are carried out properly.

When are the drugs tests taken place?

After you have passed your interview and is selected for the job, paperwork will be presented to you with the information about the testing facility where you should carry out your tests immediately. If you get a phone call about that they are hiring you, the called can request your presence to the location back and pick up for paperwork. In about 24-48 hours drugs test will be carried out, and you will be given all facilities to reach to the destination of drugs test facility conveniently. The time span is too narrow because you won’t be able to clear drugs from your system that fast.

What is the paperwork?

The paperwork comprises your identification, a photo ID, and the paperwork given to you by your employer. These things are required as some might switch another person instead of them who are clean from drugs. So, that this doesn’t happen, the laboratory makes sure with the paperwork that you are the one who needs to undergo a drugs test.

What are the types of drugs test?

Urine, hair and blood are the most common drugs test carried out on employees. The urine test as the same as you would have it on a doctor’s clinic, give them a urine sample. There won’t be any one watching you, but someone will stand outside the door. After the test is completed, your temperature will be checked.

For the blood test, some nurse or assistant will take blood from the artery of your hand or arm.

For hair test, they will take some hair from your head, but if you are a head shaver, they are going to take hair from your armpit or leg.


Results will be directly sent to the employer.

How to safe yourself from the tests?

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