FildenaInfo: What You Need to Know About this Drug

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction among other sexual function-related conditions, Fildena drug is mostly appropriate for you. Nevertheless, don’t jump into a buying frenzy just yet. Instead, read some FildenaInfo first as below. It pays to know what goes into what you are taking inside your body.

Fildena is manufactured by the Indian company, Fortune Healthcare, which was founded in 2004. Fildena is just one of the seven brands that target people with male sexual conditions that it sells on the market. Aside from India, the drugs are available on the rest of Asia, Africa, Europe and the US. The drug’s potency ranges from 25, 100 and 150 mg in capsule and tablet forms.

Sildenafil citrate, a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor, is the main active ingredient in Fildena. The component inhibits the PDE5 enzyme which is responsible for male erection. Sildenafil targets the regulation and increase of blood flow to the penile organ for longer erection. Almost all erectile dysfunction medications aim at stimulating blood flow to the penis.

While it is a generic brand of medicine with the purpose of treating erectile dysfunction, it is an FDA-approved drug which means it is 100% safe to take. The patients may consume it, but it should be according to consumption directives and if you don’t have any underlying medical conditions as well as allergy.

Fildena is not recommended for people with specific medical conditions. These include liver impairment, kidney impairment, low blood pressure and stroke or heart attack. The drug may lead to even more adverse effects especially if you are taking another medication for that particular illness. A consultation is thereby necessary to determine the potency that is appropriate for your condition.

If you experience symptoms of nausea, dizziness and chest pain before, during or after any sexual activity, the drug is not for you as well. The prolonged absorption of the drug may lead to cardiovascular conditions. If you are too weak physically and you take this drug, you may also experience dizziness or worse, you may faint due to the sudden drop in blood pressure.

At first use, you may experience side effects, but all these are mild and should go away in a few days. This is your body’s typical reaction to taking a new drug. Although you may be taking Fildena per the prescription, other side effects may occasionally be experienced. Some examples are nausea, stomach upset, skin flushes, nasal congestion, and rhinitis. In worst cases, or in instances when the patient takes the drug in excessive doses, this may lead to visual and hearing loss over time.

Other than medicines, another critical thing to know about taking Fildena drug is if you are drinking alcohol on occasions or regular basis. The compounds on the alcohol may react with the active ingredient in the drug, slowing down the effectiveness of such. While at it, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are actually two of the main factors that lead to erectile dysfunction. If you want to maximize the results of taking the drug, avoid these two more so if you are already advised by your doctor to take sildenafil.

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