Hair Loss in Women & the Need for Hair Transplantation

The hair loss in females’ occurred in 40% of world population, according to a Medical report stated last year. The causes behind presenting the hair loss in females are both genetically predisposed as well as the conditional one that needs to be corrected in time. The cases of being stressed and distressed due to the hair loss result in a chaos of daily lives affect their personal and professional lives. So, it is a matter of concern to know about each & every factor that may lead to the problem of hair loss in women and must be properly diagnosed by your Doctor at the right time in order to take the preventive measure.

The problem of pattern baldness also occurs in women due to the genetic reason named as Androgenic alopecia that presents the uniform thinning of hair all over the woman’s scalp rather than the complete baldness or a partial one!

These days, the hair transplant in India is on the top selection due to the vast availability of the expert Surgeons, facilities & care along with a moderate cost attracts both national & international clients/patients.

The total baldness or partial one is not found in the case of females even they are affected by the Androgenic alopecia and the reason behind is the activity of a male sex hormone (Androgen), which is only responsible for the pattern baldness in the male. The hormone, Testosterone (a type of Androgen) after the catalytic effect with the 5-alpha-reductase causes the formation of DHT (DI-hydro Testosterone) that presents the severe hair loss or baldness in men with a different degree of the NW class. However, the hair loss in women deals with a serious concern while treating it as a special attention, care & management are needed if it is a question of hair transplantation.

Hair Transplantation in Females

The process of hair transplantation in females is as same as that of the male except the making of the hairline design weighs an important consideration, planning and evaluation since the female hairline pattern is different from the male. The female hairline pattern is all in a round shape, whereas an M-pattern, shape is defined for the men. So, making a hairline design needs an extreme sense of artistic skills, knowledge, and precision while making it by the Surgeon. An expert Surgeon keeps this thing in their mind and adapts the technique and process of making the hairline with an extreme precision and care to offer the best outcomes of the procedure.

There are some Points noted and evaluated with the view of getting the natural outcomes for a female hair Transplant is described below:

The Chosen Technique of the Procedure

There are two techniques of the hair transplant procedure, namely, the FUT and the FUE. The FUE needs shaving of hair before the procedure and no women want to have a shaved hair as it can alter their life for the next 9-12 months, which is tough for a woman. So, women do not comfortable for the FUE technique and keeping this fact in mind, the expert Surgeon opts the FUT technique that involves only the strip of a skin from the safe area of the scalp, usually, the back & sides, results in a permanent long lasting hair root.

Thus, in this way, the choosing of the feasible technique by meeting the goal of the restoration is fully a concerned job for the Surgeon.

The Making of Hairline Design

The making of a hairline design is an artistic part of the restoration procedure that needs an extreme precision, expertise, and experience from the Surgeon’s side and by meeting these all considerable factor on can receive the best hairline design. The round-shaped hairline design is required for the females and Surgeon achieves this by applying their artistic sense and mind. An extreme understanding is needed for each & every graft placement. The Surgeon focuses on the skinny graft for making the hairline design so that the exact angle & direction could be matched and a patient can achieve the best aesthetic outcomes of the procedure.


In the nutshell, we can say that the causes of hair loss may be same for both the genders, but the treatment is differed especially when the hair transplant procedure is performed. And, an expert Surgeon applies the feasible technique and style of placement for the grafts, either the case of a male or female hair transplant for achieving the best original outcomes.

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