All on four is a dental treatment option for replacing both the lower and upper arches in which all teeth are fixed on four dental implants. This treatment option is highly suitable for patients with broken teeth, severely decayed teeth, and typically compromised teeth following gum problems. All on four is a minimally invasive and permanent treatment solution that allows you to replace the whole set of teeth in only one visit. The implants are of titanium; therefore, they can connect to the living bone and function as its part. How is all on four the right dental choice?

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A full set of teeth in one a single visit

Many people with dental problems always face a challenge from attending a dental procedure every time until the treatment process is over. One of the primary benefits of getting all teeth on four implants is that it gives you a full set of teeth in one dental procedure. Unlike other methods where the dentist has to replace the several missing teeth one by one and require you to attend several dental visits before the whole process is over, all on four does everything in one go.

The doctor fixes all the implants into one frame. Therefore he/she doesn’t need to create a lot of dental slots to fit the implants. The fitting process takes only a few hours since the dentist has the layout for placing the four implants to support the whole set of teeth. Therefore, all on four is the right way to achieve a beautiful set of teeth in a single visit.

All on four is a permanent solution.

All on four implants can last for at least 20-25years or throughout the whole lifetime of the individual. Once you get the treatment, you do not need frequent dental fitting sessions like old school dental methods.

All on four utilizes a denture system that the dentist securely fastens to the mouth through the dental implants resulting in a strong connection. Unlike gum recessions that cause the traditional dentures to loosen, requiring you to revisit the dentist, all on four implants’ connection is not subject to becoming loose and uncomfortable after some period. It is a great permanent solution that provides comfort and convenience for the patient.

All on four prevent bone degradation and loss.

When you lose all teeth, your jaw becomes prone to bone degradation. The dentist fits all on four implants directly to your jawbone, and it functions in a similar way of natural teeth, thus minimizing the effect of degradation or loss. Moreover, the dentist exerts pressure on the jawbone when implanting the fours to mimic natural teeth’ strength, encouraging bone mass retention in the bone area.

Additionally, the solution is possible for patients with some level of bone loss. A bone graft is not a requirement because of the secure connection of the implants to the jawbone.

Aesthetically appealing teeth

Patients who undergo all four dental procedures come out with a beautiful set of teeth that boosts confidence and the smile. The new set is well-fitted and comfortable in the mouth, enabling the individual to chew and eat comfortably.

In addition to that, knowing that your teeth are permanently secure boosts your confidence as you will not worry about loose dentures that can cause embarrassment. 

Generally, you end up with a new great smile and more confidence, all at a reduced cost and time.

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