Online therapy

Online therapy has been created for people who cannot benefit from stationary therapy. To meet your expectations, on-line services have been launched. We invite you to use psychological advice and therapy via the Internet. An online or in-house therapist will help you deal with your problems.

How does online therapy work?

At-home therapeutic Virtual Reality differs from face-to-face therapy only in the form of communication. The service of psychological advice and online therapy is based on the fact that the patient connects with the therapist through programs such as Skype, Whatsapp or Facetime. This form allows the client to talk to a psychologist or therapist in real time. 

Both sides see and hear each other on both sides of the camera. To use online therapy, you do not need anything more than an internet connection and the medium we will use – a   computer, telephone or tablet. It is worth taking care of the environment in which the conversation will take place. Online therapy is just as effective as a live conversation – in both cases, customer involvement is just as important!

What are the benefits of online therapy?

  • Save time and money on commuting
  • The visit can be used by people from another city or country
  • More flexibility in meeting times
  • shy and socially withdrawn people may be more willing to use this form of help
  • Lower cost of the visit itself
  • It enables people with disabilities who have problems with getting to the physical place of therapy to meet a therapist
  • gives the possibility of psychotherapy for people who cannot leave the house (e.g. mothers with young children) 
  • a perfect solution for people who travel a lot and are not sure if they will be in a given place on a certain date

Can online therapy help as much as in-office therapy? 

Psychological consultation and online therapy are as effective as live, face-to-face meetings. The availability of therapy via the Internet is especially important for people who value their time. There are no problems with getting to the place of therapy – the only time is actually spent on therapy. An online therapist is also a good choice, e.g. for mothers with children who want to seek the help of a psychologist or therapist without leaving home. An online therapy office is also a great solution for people living abroad. 

Often the language barrier makes it impossible to fully benefit from psychotherapy in a foreign language. Online therapy in your native language is often preferred by clients. It is easier to talk to an online therapist about matters related to emotions and feelings in complete  freedom.

Who is online therapy for?

Online therapy will suit everyone. Thanks to technology, we have the ability to transfer the therapy room to Internet connections, which gives unlimited possibilities. Online therapy meetings are also a good option for you if you have difficulty socializing and want to talk to a specialist in your home. This may be the first step in overcoming your problems. We recommend it in particular to people who:

  • they are not able to participate in therapy meetings on a stationary basis
  • they travel often
  • have difficulty in direct social relations
  • phobias do not allow you to reach the office
  • are restricted in their mobility
  • disabled

Types of online therapy

All online meetings have one common denominator. It is that they take place remotely.  It depends on factors such as:

Type of therapeutic approach: We can distinguish several therapeutic approaches in which therapists work. This defines the form of work, therapeutic techniques and the course of the meeting itself. More on the different forms of therapy in our article: Types of Psychotherapy.

Online therapist: Each therapist also works with the patient with their own resources. Specialists differ in the way they speak, express and engage. This helps to build an appropriate therapeutic relationship, which is considered key to the success of therapy. This is another point that strongly influences how the meeting looks.

Completed additional training: In addition to graduating from psychotherapeutic school, most therapists also train their skills during additional courses. It is worth choosing a specialist who specializes in our problem.

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