How to Smoke a Bong

Any smoker who is displaying the top of their game is familiar with a bong, also known as a water piper or hookah. They are sometimes made of stunning glass designs, intricately handcrafted wooden ones that have been traditionally used for centuries, and even luxury bongs. Smoking from a bong is quite different from smoking out of other items like rolling papers or a pipe because you are dealing with a lot more smoke than you would normally handle with other types of smoking devices.

Smoking a bong is a preferred choice among many smokers. If you do not know how to smoke one, follow the steps here so you can enjoy it and show off your bong smoking skills to others:

1. Fill the top of your bong with water.

You want to make sure that you pour just enough water so that the stem is submerged in ½ to 1 inch of water. Pour the water in from the top of the cylindrical tube. The top of the chamber is where you will inhale the smoke from.

Make sure that you do not put too much water because it can drench the substance you are inhaling and possibly get into your mouth. Some smokers will add ice to the bong water because this gives a chilling effect and the smoke feels cooler as it rises through the chamber. It also makes the smoke feel smoother when it is inhaled.

2. Pack a smoking substance into the bowl of your bong

There are various types of bowls and shapes and sizes but many of them come in a tablespoon size. Most of them are removable and double as the carb which is needed to be removed later when inhaling the smoke. You can also break substances up by tearing it with your fingers or using scissors. Grinders are the most helpful to get a perfectly packed bowl and you can find some here: Pack the bowl full just under the rim with your ground-up or broken up substance.

Take note that you should not pack too little of the substance you want to smoke because very small grinds can get some through the ball which will create dirt and could possibly end up flying into your mouth on the other side. On the other hand, do not over pack the bowl because it will get clogged and air passage will be limited.

3. Put Your Mouth on the Top of the Bong

Put your lips inside the rim of the mouthpiece. It should not go around it and you should never drool. You want to make sure that your mouth is firmly pressing the mouthpiece to prevent any air from escaping as you smoke.

4. Close the Carb

Some bongs have built-in carbs and some do not. You will have to figure this out on a case-by-case basis. If there is a carb, you want to make sure to put one finger over the hole before lighting the bowl.

5. Light It And Inhale

Light the substance and then inhale to fill the chamber with smoke. If there is a carb, remove your finger and inhale all the smoke. Hold the smoke in your lungs for 3 to 4 seconds and then exhale.

For an excellent smoke session, repeat the steps over and over. Your friends will also be impressed with your ability to smoke a bong so skillfully. For more tips on how to smoke a bong, you can also visit here.

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