Important Things Personal Trainers Should Ask Their Clients

    Ideally, personal trainers should know enough information about their clients so they can design the right kind of training session to meet their needs and their fitness goals. With the right information, an experienced personal trainer will be able to ascertain the ability of a client to undergo a specific fitness program. To learn more about creating a personalised fitness plan by looking into PT Courses here.

    To make sure that you are designing a fitness program that is right for your clients, here are some things that you should ask them before getting started:

  1. What medications they are taking: If they take any medication, make sure that side effects won’t interfere with their training sessions. Some side effects may inhibit performance, as an example, a medication might make them feel drowsy. Medications may also cause muscle soreness, which can make it challenging for them to perform intense physical training.
  2. Are there any risk factors associated with cardiovascular health: If your clients have existing heart issues or high blood pressure, it is important for you to know. Strenuous exercise may aggravate existing health problems and people with heart problems should perform modified exercises to increase their fitness and cardiovascular health, without escalating the risk.
  3. What are their short- and long-term goals: Each person has a unique goal, such as losing weight, building muscles or increasing their general fitness. A unique goal may require a personalised workout program so be sure to ask your clients about their fitness goals.
  4. Existing training experience: Many people already have some form of training routine before working with a personal trainer. It is important for them to tell the trainer about it and what results they are getting.
  5. If they have any injuries: Injuries can cause discomfort or pain during a physical exercise. Personal trainers should check their client’s condition to determine which muscles need to be retrained to help them recover better.
  6. What is their stability level: You can check your client’s stability level by walking, squatting or holding steady on a plank. If they have issues doing these movements, they could have a stability problem and you should create a modified program to effectively address any muscular deficiency.

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