Magnetic healing

Magnetic healing is a quickly growing area of medicine that continues to develop as more and more clinical research is being conducted all over the world.

Magnetic healing is a direct benefit from using Bemer devices. As little as two daily sessions of eight minutes in length can improve circulation, and in doing so, create healthier body and healthier life.

Magnetic healing via electromagnetic pulse is commonly known as PEMF and has been used in Western and Eastern Europe for decades.  What began in veterinary medicine, has now expanded to use in many clinics, and hospitals all over the world on both human and animal patients.  Professionals and practitioners have found many positive results to overall health that are believed to be direct benefits of magnetic therapy.

Bemer magnetic healing devices can help fuse broken bones, enhance wound healing, reduce pain and tissue swelling, support muscle function, and improve coordination.  Accelerated nerve regeneration, and increased strength in tendons and ligaments has also been reported in many individuals.  Specific disease states like diabetes, and myocardial dysfunction can also be greatly improved.

The primary link to these benefits, is rooted in blood flow and circulation.  As blood is responsible for oxygen and nutrient delivery to the entire body, as well as removing metabolic waste, anything we can do to improve and elevate the capacity and efficiency of blood flow, is of great positive consequence. With Bemer devices, employing electromagnetic field technology to all parts of the body, a Bemer user can achieve greater levels of activity, wellness, and quicker recovery.  This applies not just to athletic pursuits, or ailments, but also everyday life.

As understanding and research surrounding magnetic healing technology expands, specific requirements for field energetics are being redefined and the range of treatable dysfunctions has expanded exponentially.

Like air, water, sun, and gravity exposure, Earth’s naturally produced magnetic healing fields are a necessary ingredient for life to exist, grow, and evolve. Although many people are aware that the planet Earth gives off its own magnetic field, they do not know it has a very specific intensity and frequency which propels all life that resides here.  By creating a specific intensified magnetic healing field that isn’t duplicated anywhere else, by anyone else, Bemer strives to improve health and increase livelihood in a simple and safe environment.


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