Major reasons that result in lower back pain

Lower back pain is considered one of the main reasons why people visit doctors. This problem affects four out of five people at some point in their life. So, people wonder over the question, “What is the underlying reason behind my lower back pain?” Lower back pain can be because of many varieties of injuries plus conditions, like:

  • Discs between the vertebrae have got injured
  • Lower back muscles might have strained
  • Joint, even, or ligaments may be injured
  • Small nerves which supply your lower back spine might be irritated
  • Big nerve roots which extend to legs and arms may be irritated

When you are suffering from lower back pain from other symptoms, like a severe medical condition, or due to chills and fever then you need to consult your doctor instantly. If you visit back pain specialist in NYC for this problem, then you can be assured of getting your problem diagnosed with care. Here, the physicians will provide you with the best care and with the help of research they are aware that individuals with LBP belong to various classes and so, they need to be treated with different approaches. The back pain treatment new canaan ct include bracing, corticosteroid injections, muscle relaxants, narcotic pain medicine, etc.


No matter you diagnose LBP yourself or leave this matter to your doctor, the diagnosis process will require considering both the symptoms as well location of your pain.

Symptoms – When you diagnose lower back pain you will feel symptoms like:

Worsens with some activities, like when you play football, the pain becomes worse

Worsens in some positions – It can get worse when you stand for an extended period. It can also become painful after you sit for a prolonged period.

You feel better after taking rest. Resting from the position or activity generally lessens the LBP.

  • Severe – The pain gets excruciating, probably more in your calf compared to your lower back.
  • Deep and steady – The pain is continuous and deep inside the affected parts.
  • Numbness and tingling – You might feel “pins and needles” in the portion.
  • Achy and dull – Similar to flu, this pain becomes dull and sore, and at times, intensifying too.
  • Fleeting pain – Pain will come and go and will leave you unsure about its feelings.
  • Migratory – The pain will hurt in one location and then in another.


For diagnosing lower back pain the initial step that you require taking is deciding the location, means where does it hurt.

  • Radicular lower back pain – Radicular lower back pain hurts in your lower back and it also radiates down into the backs of your thighs into one or sometimes, both of your legs.
  • Axial lower back pain – Axial lower back pain hurts only in your low back and this pain doesn’t get into other areas of your body.
  • LBP with referred pain – You can diagnose LBP with referred pain when it hurts your low back area and radiates into your buttocks, groin, and upper thighs. This pain will hardly radiate below your knee.

Back pain specialist in NYC gets to the sources of LBP and devices personalized treatment plans for eliminating them and its only goal remains to improve the patients’ quality of life.

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