Medication prices made customary

Drug spending is significant and dramatically growing each year with the routinely rise in price. With such empirical data provided on price rise, it has become necessary to come up with a policy which will benefit the wide range of consumers world wide.

In order to lower down the price policy and make it available at the best price possible, introduction to the online coupon codes policy has been made where one can send a prescription mentioning their dosage for a particular medication and get the purchase price discounted with the coupon code and thus can enjoy benefits like additional discounts. Also, if a customer refers the coupon code to others, that customer is most likely to earn $50 free shipping benefits.

Types of products where coupons can be used

Coupons like Viagra Coupon , Cialis Coupon etc. can be used after choosing from the vast selection of prescription products and non prescription products (drugs),  both generic and brand name products like Cialis and Viagra.

How to order prescripted and non-prescripted products and gain benefit from it?

  • Search for your medication from the medication store with the wide range of medications available and place them in your shopping list.
  • Use the coupon code to get the same medications at lower cost, also gain benefits from the additional discounts.
  • Fax a mail of the prescription and mail the original prescription as well.

Speaking of benefits, one can save big on medication needs all year around followed by savings made on the next purchases.

Points to be noted

  • The requirement of the prescription is mandatory and it must be from a physician, licensed to practice in one’s area of residence.
  • A fax of the original prescription is required.

Maximum purchase limit

There is a maximum of a 3 month supply of each of medications, provided that one has a valid prescription for the supply of that medication.

Maximum discount amount for coupons used on checkout

Yes, the maximum discount amount is $200 when using a coupon code on checkout.

Grab the offer and do justice to your health.

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