Perimenopause And How To Know If You Are In It

Everyone knows that menopause is a natural stage in every woman’s life when she is not able to get pregnant anymore, and because of that, she also doesn’t have her menstrual cycle as well. However, before a woman enters that stage, she has to go through perimenopause, which comes with more problems than you think.

When does perimenopause occur?

Similar to menopause, perimenopause does not have the exact age when it occurs, however, it happens in similar ages, which are in 40s or 50s. According to a menopause doctor at Australian Menopause Centre, perimenopause has a different duration from person to person, and it can last from a year or two, and sometimes in rare cases, it can last up to ten years.

Consult with your doctor if you are experiencing any strange symptoms

Is it possible to get pregnant during perimenopause?

This is one of the most frequent questions asked by women in perimenopause, and while the egg count is decreasing significantly, it is not uncommon to get pregnant while in perimenopause, even if the chances are quite slim.

However, it is important to know that the deeper the perimenopause stage goes, the chances are smaller, as the egg count keeps decreasing until the complete production stops due to the ending of menstrual cycles which refresh the creation process.

Various perimenopause symptoms

Usually when people refer to menopause symptoms, they are actually referring to perimenopause symptoms, from which the majority give quite an uncomfortable experience. The most common symptom, which is the first sign of perimenopause, is an irregular menstrual cycle that can be late for couple of days, and sometimes even weeks.

The more serious symptoms, are hot flashes, which cause a sensation of overheating, making the body sweat more than it should, and fatigue, which brings various problems due to the lack of concentration and tiredness.

One of the more serious issues that causes women to be a part of uncomfortable situations are mood swings. Not being able to control your emotions, where for example a woman becomes angry or sad during an occasion where she is supposed to excited or cheerful is something that can cause other unwanted mental experiences such as depression or anxiety.

Treatment for perimenopause

Because perimenopause has been quite an issue for ages, the perimenopause treatment made by Australian Menopause Centre in the past few years has helped thousands of women around the world. The treatment is quite simple, but complicated at the same time.

It is simple because it involves only taking some hormones every day, which will most likely come in a form of pills. However, it is also complicated because it can only be prescribed by certain professionals who will know the exact dosage and type of hormones that your body needs.

You can find and read up all about this treatment on Australian Menopause Centre – Yellow Pages, and since its use has spread across the world, it is quite possible to get help from your local hospital instead if you are not in the area.

Sometimes other treatments show good results as well

Final Word

Even if we have easy access to information today, a lot of people are not aware of the situations that perimenopause can cause. Because of that, it is important to spread awareness, so that women in need can get the help they need and deserve.

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