Relationships and health

Human beings are social creatures and their relationships with other people influence live immensely. This is why it is essential to filter out the negative relationships you may have in your life. People are often a manifestation of the people they spend time with. It is proven that spending continuous amounts of time with a particular person can have influences on your personality.

The prime example of this is family. However, you may differ from your parents in terms of ideologies or beliefs, the fundamentals of your identity will be influenced by them. Healthy and responsible adults are the results of a happy childhood. Every person close to you can influence your thought processes as well. Having a positive friend around will let you think about confusions with a positive light on them, while a negative aspect can leave you feeling stressed out and anxious.

Influence on  health

When entering into a relationship founded with love, your partner turns into a major part of your life. He or she can affect how you think, feel and react. Conflicts are inevitable in even the healthiest of relationships. Two people from different backgrounds and emotional thought processes are bound to have their differences. A healthy argument can provide productive solutions as well.

However, if conflict becomes a major part of your relationship, this should be seen as a serious issue. The stress can reflect on health in the form of blood pressure, mental health, and sexuality. Sexuality gets affected when physical and emotional energy tends to go low.

Relationships can turn toxic if the number of conflicts is on the higher side. Toxic relationships are those which can bring out the worst in the two partners involved while that may not be their true selves. It is integral to note the signs and ensure that your relationship stays healthy and does not affect your peace of mind or health. is a good resource that you can refer to.

How to prevent your relationship from being toxic

When you enter into a relationship, it is seen that couples tend to have a tendency to let go. They tend to gain weight after marriage and develop unhealthy eating habits. However, this can, in turn, adds to stress and dissatisfaction in the relationship. Healthy couples motivate each other to stay fit and happy. Stress is another factor that should be avoided to ensure a happy relationship. Physical intimacy and moments of understanding in relationships have been proven to reduce stress immensely.

It is important to leave work problems or other issues outside the home. Carrying your mood from the office and letting that spark a fight between you and your partner is a negative habit that can affect both of you. Alternatively, you can offer an explanation and unwind which will additionally help you break down stress and have a happier mindset.

Anxiety is another chronic disorder that can take hold of you due to unhealthy relationships. It can choke you down and make you feel worthless. Uncertainty and trust issues can be genuine or paranoia. These emotions are to be avoided as they can only bring out the worst in you. Avoiding relationships with which can spark immense anxiety is also advisable. It is important to hold self-awareness and self-respect which is impossible to hold in a relationship without trust.

Dissatisfying relationships can bring depression as well due to the voice inside your head that keeps whispering you deserve more. These moments are unhealthy and can affect your mental health heavily. It is best to avoid such relationships and take care of yourself.

The other side

Relationships can have the exact opposite effect on your health as well. Healthy relationships can help you grow into a better human being who is confident and healthy. Research shows that chances of cancer survival are higher in the case of a patient with a supporting partner. Similarly, problems such as depression and anxiety can be eliminated with the help of an understanding partner. Attending to each other’s health is an essential trait in relationships as well. It may be easier to take care of someone you love, that pay attention to your own health.

A healthy relationship has been proven to increase the longevity of your life and add a greater sense of purpose to it. You tend to heal from pain and trauma better with an understanding partner. The permanent elimination of loneliness is another added factor which will help you stay happier and healthier. A positive relationship can bring about miracles. It is integral to keep positive people close and ensure your heart and mind stays healthy.

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