Serious side effects of Bovine growth hormone

When you hear the term “bovine”, be assured that it is something related to cows or cattle. So when you come across the name of bovine growth hormone, what kind of ideas pop up in your mind? Bovine growth hormone is generally prepared by the procedure of recombinant DNA technology which is quite an advanced method, used mainly in treating a number of human diseases mostly cancer. Thus such kind of medications are called recombinant bovine growth hormone. It is used mainly for improving the growth and development of cells in cows and cattle, and thus it should be used carefully in the treatment of people with hormonal disorders related to growth deficiency. In short, you can also call recombinant bovine growth hormone as rBGH. It is synthetically manufactured to improve developmental conditions in cattle, specifically the production and quality of milk. There have been a lot of controversies related to the human use of this growth hormone since the FDA or Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of this hormone by humans, but still there are legal issues to settle. It is very essential for you that whichever country you are residing in, you should perfectly enquire about the legal regulations prevailing in that place if you wish to make a hassle free and legal purchase.

What is the function of rBGH?

Recombinant bovine growth hormone is extracted from cattle and cows but before you try to understand how it works inside the human body, it is important that you know more on the functions of human growth hormone that is naturally synthesised in your body. Endogenous growth hormone is naturally produced under the influence of the master gland called the pituitary gland, within the somatotropic cells present in the anterior lobe of the gland. Synthetic form of this hormone can be used for anabolic muscle bulking purposes but bovine growth hormone supplements should not be used for bodybuilding or athletic performance if you have any medical issues related to tolerance to exogenous drugs and medications.

It is not formed inside your body, neither is it produced from a human origin. Thus it is important to make sure of the user’s medical status before you think about implementing the dosage cycles for recreational purposes. Do you think all the effects imparted by the recombinant BGH will be beneficial as you can get from synthetically prepared human growth hormone? Will there be any harmful effects? If there are, then how should you mitigate that? Read more and more reviews online put down by experienced customers for your reference and guidance.

What dangers are associated with rBGH?

One of the biggest concerns regarding the improvement in the quality and quantity of milk from such cattle who have been made to under genetic engineering is the effect of this product in human body. Will it give rise to serious health threats like cancer due to abnormal increase in IGF-1?

Cows may have udder infections or mastitis which needs antibiotic attention. Will that affect human biological functioning? This is why it should not be used for bodybuilding or athletic performance without expert supervision and guidance.


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