The Basic Types of Peptides You Should Know About

Peptides are available in a variety of forms, and now with their inclusion as part of drugs, they will also be available in various brand forms. However, there are various basic types from which all the other types are derived from, and it is worth knowing what these core types are so that you will have a good understanding if you meet them in other variations or other brand names.

Antimicrobial peptides

These peptides are mainly found in insects when the insects are stimulated using a variety of external factors. The peptides have strong antimicrobial activity in addition to having the ability to kill cancer cells. As such, they are widely studied and used in the formulation of various drugs aimed at treating cancer cells or destroying tumors within the body.

Peptides for cardiovascular diseases

A good number of plant medicines have always been vital in blood pressure, thrombolytic effects, and blood fat amongst others. They are not just used as drugs, but they are also used as dietary supplements.

However, since there is uncertainty in the functioning of their ingredients, their use have been pretty limiting. It has been discovered that that there are many active ingredients in small peptides which can be absorbed directly by the small intestines, thus making it possible to prevent conditions such as blood clots, high cholesterol levels and hypertension as well as reducing the aging process.

Pharmaceutical small peptides

Small peptides drags have managed to get a lot of inroads in many fields. For example, it has been discovered that synthetic peptides can promote the regeneration of wound blood vessels, leading to faster healing in instances of wounds on the skin. It has also been discovered that small peptides can inhibit or reduce inflammatory responses.

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