Should I Visit a Travel Clinic for Vaccinations?

If you’re getting ready to go abroad, visiting a travel clinic can help you make sure that you’re at your healthiest before you leave the country. These clinics are great for ensuring you have all the medicines you need. 

Before you head on your trip, here are a few reasons to visit a travel clinic for vaccinations prior to travel. Let’s take a look at why a visit to the travel clinic can help you protect yourself and build up your immune system before your trip. 

What is a Travel Clinic?

Travel clinics are special places where you can get booster shots or travel vaccinations that you wouldn’t be able to get at your regular doctor. These clinics are designed specifically to prepare people for adventuring to locations where you may be exposed to new and dangerous diseases.

At a travel clinic, your doctor will go over your immunization record with you. They will ask you questions about what country you’re going to and will give you information about the potential diseases and risks there. 

Typically, they’ll guide you through travel recommendations from the World Health Organization. They’ll show you maps of high-risk areas in your destination country and will let you know what steps you can take to prevent contracting harmful diseases. 

Your physician at the travel clinic may also prescribe medications to help combat illnesses such as traveler’s diarrhea or altitude sickness. These medications can be difficult to find at a standard doctor’s office. 

When Should You Visit a Travel Clinic?

You’ll typically want to schedule your visit to the travel clinic roughly two months before you leave for your vacation. However, you can schedule your visit farther out if you know you’ll need to get vaccines that involve several courses. 

The reason that it’s so important to go to the travel clinic early on is that some vaccines may have a waiting period for them to be effective. Other vaccines may require a second or third dose that has to be spaced out over time. 

Giving yourself a few months of time between your travel clinic visit and your departure date can ensure you’ll be able to get the care and medications you need. 

On top of that, you may need to have travel-specific tests, such as a PCR test, conducted as one of your entry requirements for travel. These tests typically need to be performed several weeks before you leave for your trip.  

Visit a Travel Clinic for Vaccinations Before Your Trip

If you’re getting ready to go on vacation soon, you’ll want to make sure you visit a local travel clinic for vaccinations so that you can get all the tests, shots, and medications you need. That way you can ensure that you’ll be able to stay off on your trip. 

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