Six ways to avoid headaches without medication

You can easily avoid headache medication and its unpleasant side effects with the help of these natural and effective tips. And also know the tricks on how to get rid of a headache from not eating.

This way you do not have to get headaches

When it explodes most in the head, headache tablets are the solution for most people. The only problem is that the risk of suffering from a number of serious side effects comes with the medicine entering your body. But with the help of these six natural tools, you can easily avoid the headache medication and its harmful side effects, while you can get rid of your headache.

  1. Eat a varied diet

The researchers say: You can also get a headache from what you eat and drink. It is very individual which foods can cause discomfort and the experts do not agree.

Causes: Substances such as Nitrite affects the cells in the brain, which in turn can affect the center of the brain that controls the experience of pain. And it can cause headaches. 

Do this: Eat varied – and try it out. Coffee, tea, chocolate, cheese, salami and smoked fish are believed to be the big “culprits”.

  1. Hold back with headache tablets

The researchers say: As a paradox, headache tablets are on the list of factors that can cause headaches. 

Causes: If you take painkillers daily for headaches, there is a risk that the medicine will run out. aggravates the headache. With long-term use, you become immune to the medicine, which seems worse and for a shorter time. 

Do this: The best thing is to prevent what is causing the headache. If you take medication for 15 days or more per month for at least three months, you run a great risk of having a worse effect of the medication. What it is due to is not known with certainty. The only way out, however, seems to be to reduce drug use to eventually stop altogether. There are special programs for that.

  1. Avoid stress

The researchers say: Stress is not the most common cause of headaches, but it is one of many factors that can aggravate the problem. 

Causes: Stress has both physical and mental effects. Stressed people often sleep less, eat more unhealthily, smoke more, exercise less, drink more alcohol and have more muscle tension – factors that can cause headaches. 

Do this: Do everything you can to avoid stress. Stress doubles the likelihood of taking painkillers, but painkillers are not a good solution to counteract stress. They can instead cause headaches. Therefore, skip the headache tablets when you feel stressed.

  1. Sit right at work

This is what the researchers say: Wrong postures increase the risk of muscle tension significantly, which in turn increases the risk of headaches. 

Causes: When you are in the same position for a long time, such as. when sitting in front of a computer, the muscles in the neck and shoulders are mainly stressed. 

Do as follows: Make sure to create good routines when it comes to the working position. The main thing is that your working position is flexible, and that you do not sit in the same position for a long time.

  1. Exercise

The researchers say: Exercise and exercise can help with headaches. 

Causes: Headaches are often due to the muscles in the neck and / or shoulders being either tense or weak. This can be remedied by strength training with rubber bands. When you exercise and get your heart rate up significantly, the body’s production of the body’s own pain-relieving substances, such as endorphins, which can relieve both headaches and muscle pain. In addition, blood flow to the brain increases, which has a positive effect on the inflammatory condition of the blood vessels in the brain, which in turn can cause headaches. 

Do as follows: Exercise – both in the form of fitness and strength training. In order not to get a headache from exercising, you should make sure to warm up and drink extra.

  1. Sleep well every night

This is what the researchers say: Several studies show that there is a connection between headaches and poor sleep – and it can easily become a vicious circle: headaches give bad sleep, bad sleep gives headaches. 

Causes: Poor sleep can cause different types of headaches. The wrong bed or pillow can give a poor sleeping position so that you e.g. develop tension in the neck or shoulders. Those problems can in turn lead to headaches. You can also get a headache if you sleep too little or too much. 

Do this: Get a good pillow and a bed that is suitable for you, and sleep in a room that is dark, cool and peaceful. Avoid exercising late at night, and do not drink coffee or alcohol too close to bedtime. In addition to impairing sleep, it is also diuretic. Excessive alcohol intake can lead to dehydration, which in turn can cause headaches. Also, avoid worrying too much about tomorrow.

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