Things a massage therapist wants you to know

Massage therapy is one of the things your body will say a “big thank you” to. It soothes as it relaxes your body while setting its mood. Having regular massage sessions improves your blood circulation, and your immunity improves significantly.

More than those benefits and many more, there’s the experience. You need someone who understands their job well and can deliver excellent services. Massage is very personal, and therefore you must prepare in advance and avoid any issues of pain and frustration.

See below a few things you need to know before you go to meet your therapist.

It’s okay to strip during a massage.

For most people, being in your birthday suit can be so discomfiting. However, that shouldn’t worry you. Remember, the therapist is a professional, and they are used to people striping in their presence. Getting but naked allows you to relax, and the professional can do what they know best without hindrances. It’s, however, advisable that you strip to the point where you’re comfortable. Get off the clothes, and allow for a better experience.

Breathe well

There’s always a temptation to want to hold breath, especially when the therapist is dealing with hard knots. Relax and take a deep breath; that ensures you keep those parts well oxygenated for better effect. Proper oxygenation boosts blood supply and aids in relieving pain.

Lots of water after the appointment

Professional therapists advise that you take lots of water after the massage appointment. This is because you get dehydrated during the process. The tissues need water for proper relaxation, and therefore you should carry a bottle of drinking water with you. Again, toxic metabolic waste accumulates under the skin, and drinking a lot of water washes off, making you feel healthy.

Take a warm shower before

Taking a warm shower relaxes your body muscles and eases tension. It allows you to relax while having a massage. Again, it makes you feel comfortable that you’re clean. The therapist will also go easy on your body. You’ve no insecurities, and the therapist will appreciate a clean body.

Some exercise before is good.

Your body muscles have a lot of tension, and getting on the treadmill or having a run before the session helps you relax the muscles and reap the full benefits of Swedish massage. However, that should not be done after. If you’re in a gym program, you should take a minimum of 24 hours to avoid counter effects.

Tell your therapist your preferred style.

There are so many massage styles, and you must tell your therapist the one you prefer. If you need some good pressure applied, especially for athletes and sportspeople, deep tissue or sports massage would be appropriate. When making your massage appointment, it’s good you tell your therapist in advance so they prepare for anything that may be required. It also helps them prepare psychologically, which will guarantee some good experience.

Ensure proper timing

You should know your timing well before you book a massage appointment. Some people love it when done in the morning while others prefer evening hours after a long day’s work. You know yourself better. Choosing the right time ensures you enjoy the massage experience and get the most benefits.

You don’t just decide to go for a massage. That may not give you the desired benefits. You should prepare in advance and book an appointment with your therapist.

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