The Engineering Workforce Of Hawaii’s Future Was Given A Boost Thanks To A Donation From NAN Inc.

The Nan, Inc. Engineering Scholarship at the University of Hawaii at Manoa was endowed with a $160,000 gift from NAN Inc., a Hawaii-based construction company.

The Dean of Engineering, Brennon Morioka, has publicly thanked Nan Inc. for their philanthropic support of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. This prompted the following observation from Morioka: “Since the construction and civil engineering industry is a key economic driver in Hawaii, it is crucial that the state maintain a steady stream of qualified engineers into the workforce. Not only does this aid in preserving our way of life, but it also provides people with well-paying jobs in Hawai’i. It’s a huge help to have Nan Inc. on your side.”

The field of civil and environmental engineering studies the effects of humanity on the environment. Patrick Shin, CEO of Nan Inc., said in a press release, “As a local firm with most of our engineers having obtained their degrees from the University of Hawai’i, these scholarships are a simple way of helping out some of Hawaii’s future engineers.” Then, as Shin spoke, he made a statement “Our president, Fooney Freestone, together with our vice presidents, Ryan Nakaima and Frank Okimoto, all graduated from the college of engineering at the university of Hawaii. To the extent that this contribution is put to use, it is my deepest hope that the intended beneficiaries will be able to realize their full potential.”

It was in 1990 when Nan Inc owner, Patrick Shin of Honolulu, Hawaii, formed Nan Inc. with the modest goal of assisting in the growth of Hawaii’s economy. Nan, Inc., being the biggest general contractor in the state that is still entirely owned and managed inside the state, can handle even the most difficult jobs with ease. In order to maintain our status as a leading supplier of preconstruction, general contracting, and design-build services, Nan Inc. is committed to going above and beyond for all of our stakeholders, including our customers, workers, and local communities. We promise to always be honest and fair, and to make the satisfaction of our clients our first priority in business. Visit for additional information.

University of Hawaii at Manoa’s College of Engineering values both excellent education and cutting-edge research. In order to succeed in today’s high-tech, global economy, we develop the creative and resourceful human and intellectual capital that businesses need. Human capital and fresh information generated by our work and the discoveries of our alumni fuel thriving knowledge-based economies and improve the quality of life for everybody. Sustainability and resilience, together with the distinct character of our breathtaking island home, serve as our compass.

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