The Need to Stop Taking Steroids Due to Their Detrimental Effects on the Body

Steroids could have a terrible impact on your body. Most people use steroids to enhance athletic performance and increase body strength. These are illegal uses of steroids. However, the doctor might prescribe anabolic steroids to treat various medical problems, including muscle wasting for people with AIDS. It could also help treat delayed puberty or the loss of testicular function.

Although these are acceptable medical reasons for using steroids, some people still prefer using them for enhancing their athletic potential and pushing their bodies to go beyond the maximum capacity.

Impact on men

The use of steroids might build your muscles, but it could shrink your testicles. You might also find it challenging to have a full erection. Even so, it becomes a painful experience for you. It could also lead to decreased sperm count and eventually, infertility. Some men who are on steroids also have problems when having sexual intercourse with their partners.

Impact on women 

Women could suffer as a result of steroid use. Growing excessive body hair is one issue. Imagine shaving your unwanted hair regularly because it keeps growing back. You might also suffer from menstrual irregularities. It is not a good thing for your overall fertility. You might also develop some masculine qualities like a deeper voice and reduced breast size.

Impact on both sexes

Apart from the identified issues, the use of steroids could also lead to side effects that affect anyone, regardless of gender.

Having acne and oily skin are among those issues. You could also end up getting bald. Another serious risk is having an enlarged heart that eventually leads to a heart attack. People on steroids could also experience mood swings and sudden bursts of outrage. Suffering from delusions is also another possibility.

You need to change your lifestyle 

No one wants to suffer from any of these side effects. Therefore, even if you feel like there are tons of benefits from using steroids, you should not take the risk. If your primary goal is enhanced athletic performance or improved muscle strength, there are other ways to reach those goals without using steroids.

Besides, if you are playing sports professionally, you are risking your status because you are taking illegal substances. You are also cheating since you are using body-enhancing substances that your competitors might not be. Even if you win, it will not feel right since you created an uneven playing field.

Get rid of steroids

Given all these adverse effects, you need to stop using steroids. Talk to your doctor to guide you on the next step, especially if you have been taking non-prescribed steroids for quite some time.

You might even have to get rid of steroids in your body to return it to its normal state. You can also undergo a procedure to reduce the effects of steroids and become healthy again. Once you reach that point, you cannot allow yourself to go back to steroids.

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