Top 3 Awesome Belts Used for Synthetic Urine

It’s your wish that nothing stands between you and your career. You don’t want to miss a lifetime opportunity due to reasons not relevant to your capabilities.

Drug testing can really devastate if you don’t pass them, knowing that they have nothing to do with your inability to perform. If you are a drug user, chances are you may never pass your tests.

Do not let these tests ruin your opportunities. You can choose to safeguard your future career by using synthetic urine brands that can pass any test including the biocide.

These brands do come with belt kits in different categories. Here are my favorite synthetic urine belts you should consider when making your decision.

Clear voice Incognito belt

If you need a quick solution to pass supervised tests, then Incognito belt should be your priority. This device is gravity-operated that delivers undetectable urine sample which is toxin-free.

The urine sample goes through a rubber tube which is part of a lightweight apparatus, wrapped around your waist and obviously worn under your clothing.

Incognito belt delivers the sample by releasing a clip that retains the urine in the bladder bag. In addition, it comes with a supplied heat to make sure that its temperature and that of the body matches.

This is one of the classic belts in the market, completely assembled and easy to use.

Monkey whizz urine belt

Though Monkey whizz price seems high, it’s worth it in the long run. Monkey wiz is my favorite synthetic urine belt.

Some will try to save a few bucks and decide to buy a kit from online retailers whose site disappears immediately after purchase.

Such commodities come with problems; perhaps the urine holder leaks because of poor materials or simply buying already expired product which has broken down chemically.

If you want to pass that test, then go for quality products like Monkey whizz urine belt. The kit comes with 2 organic heating pads that keep your sample viable with an elasticized belt to accommodate any waist size.

Fill it yourself belt

Just as the name suggests, you have to fill it yourself. If you have your samples ready, then this is your perfect product.

This product comes with a reusable synthetic pee bag and 2 organic heating pads. The urine holder is empty because you are likely to use it on multiple occasions.

It allows you to mix the sample right before the test then you proceed to fill the sample order. The kit is affordable, easy to use, effective and 100% reliable.

A tube runs from the container through a fake penis, where you extend it from your pants in the normal way to deliver the sample. There is a female version too.

In summary, there’s no need to panic when such times come by when you’re required to provide a urine sample for the test. This may sound weird the first time, but once you are used to it, you’ll execute the task smoothly without fear. Many think that they might be busted but in a real sense, no one will be there to stare at you directly. Even if you are in the same room under supervision, you need self-confidence and you are done. Many have tried these methods and succeeded.

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