The “contribution” of obesity

The crown jewel of this meat-munching, soda-gulping, butter-licking, gadget-hogging and shopping-compulsive consumerist society, is obesity. Hypnotized and lured by the brilliant minds of marketing, the victims of obesity are many. Now, before the wires of reasoning in your brains lose its conductivity from coddling with consumerist grease, it is your survivalist obligation to gaze upon the futility of the path our society is heading down, and snap out of this surrealist self-destructive trance before its too late!

Obesity and its backslides

Obesity, ideally, is often frowned upon and cast aside by the majority of people. Practically, however, it doesn’t seem to bother them as they wear it like a jewelry. The foremost reason behind this disgust towards obesity is on the grounds of poor physical appearance, but, in reality, that should have been the least of concern. When obesity is a question, there are far greater woes at large.

Compromise of cardiovascular functioning

With every extra pound, you gain, you increase your cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels. Combine the two and you have a higher chance of having a stroke or a cardiac arrest.

Type 2 diabetes

Extra weight, meaning extra fat. If your body starts accumulating fat at a rate faster than your body produces insulin, then eventually, you will have a high blood sugar level. The result of which is evidently Type 2 Diabetes, and we all know what diabetes imply-Kidney dysfunction, vision impairment, fatigue, loss of consciousness, and from there on it keeps taking over almost every element of your anatomy, one after another.


With all the extra pounds, yet another mudslide you will face is the accumulation of uric acid. The extra uric acid in the blood tends to form crystals and deposit in the joints, causing a type of joint disease called Gout. Classic difficulties of gout being, swollen joints and joint pains.


Overweight will always be inconsiderate of the weight-bearing capacity of your joints. Your joints, having to lug extra weight day in and day out will undergo severe wear and tear, especially the cartilages protecting your joints. This scenario will instigate a condition of joints, commonly known as Osteoarthritis; the major affected areas will happen to be your, knee, hip and back.

Sleep apnea

Typically sleep apnea is a condition that will cause you to suffer from breathing trouble as you sleep. The display of frightening snores that come alongwith the condition is something to really watch out for.Although snores are probably still bearable ( not to the people around you,) what really bothers the patient is the risk of heart diseases, as with sleep apnea, scarily enough, the heart briefly stops breathing during sleep; your heart will quite literally skip few beats.If all these weren’t enough, you will also find yourself battling off fatigue and sleeplessness during the day.

The above-mentioned conditions are just the most common ones, and considering how the anatomy of each individual, when analyzed minutely, is uniquely different, there is no telling what other diseases you might develop if a check is not put to obesity. Thankfully enough, the process of obesity is not irreversible. With sincere dedication and commitment, you could successfully administer a lifestyle, supported with the right kind of diet, weight loss pills online and supplements that will see you through to a leaner and fitter version of yourself.

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