Tummy Tuck Surgery: 5 Things You Should Know

Have you looked at before and after pictures of tummy tuck patients, seen amazing results, and thought to yourself, “I want that! But is it really worth it?” The truth is that tummy tuck is major surgery with dramatic results, and its best to take extreme stories (positive or negative) with a grain of salt and be realistic.

Here are the most important things you need to know about tummy tuck surgery before you take the plunge:

You won’t be bikini-ready overnight

It’s completely normal to be very excited about waking up to the new you following your tummy tuck, but you should remember that nobody looks like their “after” photos right after surgery. Immediately after your tummy tuck, your stomach will look very different from what you will see once your body has had a chance to heal from surgery. Swelling is common and can be significant, especially within the first three weeks following surgery. You will have a scar just underneath the bikini line, in the beginning, it will be tender, red and scabbed over. The good news is the end results are long-lasting if you maintain your weight.

You’ll need to take it easy for a few weeks

While walking is encouraged as soon as the night after your surgery, you should consider work, house cleaning, child care, and general physical activity to be off-limits. You will likely need substantial help at home for the first two weeks after surgery. Designate a trusted adult to be in charge of covering things you’d normally do but can’t, and let people take care of you—your results will depend on it!

It’s important to be realistic about your return to work

Many patients can safely go back to a desk job within two weeks, but any work that requires travel, lifting, reaching, or periods of standing should be avoided until your surgeon agrees that your incisions have healed well enough to cope with the activity. You can discuss physical requirements of your job with your surgeon during the consultation, and they will give you an idea of how long you’ll need to be away from work.

You are going to be uncomfortable for a little while

While the risk of significant complications after a tummy tuck is low when performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, there’s no getting around the fact that for the first few days after your procedure, you will experience quite a bit of discomfort. Since just about every move we make requires us to use our abdominal wall, even basic movements will hurt at first—sitting up, standing, and even laughing can strain the tender area.

Of course, each patient heals at his or her own rate. Before you have surgery, talk to your surgeon about what you might expect, as well as what measures they take to help minimise pain and discomfort after surgery.

The happiest patients are those who prioritise their healing process  

Of course, you want the best possible results from your tummy tuck, and you’ll have to take part in making sure this happens. Did you know that what you eat during the weeks after a tummy tuck can impact your recovery? Healing takes a lot of energy, and its essential to fuel your body correctly.

To achieve excellent results, you need to choose a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon like Tummy Tuck specialist Perth – Dr Quinn, who regularly administers tummy tuck surgery. Find a surgeon you trust and with whom you feel comfortable—you should feel like he or she understands your goals and feel 100% comfortable asking any questions before and after surgery.

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