Why Going to Pelvic Floor Therapy Can Transform Your Life

Women’s health requires diligent upkeep, positive habits and long term lifestyle adjustments in order to really revitalise your day to day experiences, way into your future. Neglecting aspects of your health, no matter how ingrained those shortcomings might be, can be incredibly detrimental to your long term lifestyle. Pelvic floor therapy is an incredible process to undergo if you’ve suffered from pain, discomfort or limitations throughout your life. This treatment only becomes more important as you age, so there really is no time like the present to undergo pelvic floor therapy. Here are some of the benefits and some women’s health tips to get you living your most energised, vivacious life yet…

You’ll Take a Deep Dive into your Health History

Before you start getting into the thick of your treatment, your chosen professional will sit with you and go over your health history and present condition so as to best determine how the two of you will shape your future. This can be so insightful and amazingly important. A deep dive into issues that you might never have spoken about before is very powerful, making this first step one of the most valuable and important aspects of seeking physiotherapy. Take stock of your previous conditions, limitations, issues or pains to head into your session as ready as possible.

Pain and Other Symptoms Will Be Targeted

Physiotherapy looks at the root cause of your pain, meaning that you will undergo a combination of different treatments in order to heal your body as a whole. This approach minimises risk of repeat injury or ongoing pain in the long run. You’ll discuss your unique treatment plan with your physio once you have been assessed and you have disclosed your health background.

You’ll be Educated on How to Care for Yourself

Let’s face it, we could all know more about how to take care of ourselves in both the small ways and the big ways. Your physiotherapist will educate you on caring for your mind, body and unique requirements. This rich information is invaluable, your health is the number one most important thing and you should never compromise on taking care of yourself, no matter what the circumstances may be.

You Will Strengthen your Core and Increase Flexibility

The pelvic floor actually begins in your core. Your physiotherapist will work with you to develop your core strength, which will then in turn improve the overall functioning of your pelvic floor. A stronger core doesn’t only benefit your pelvic area, it’s also going to help your overall fitness. Your regular exercise routine, pelvic floor functioning and wellbeing as a whole will all be boosted through a strong core, so it’s well worth working on!

What is a Women’s Wellness Physiotherapist?

Your physio will be specialised in treating women’s health conditions, this can include pain, symptoms, chronic issues and lifestyle factors. The right professional will work with you to create the best health plan for you, delivering customised care and advice that you can use out of the practice and in your day to day routine. You might want to visit a women’s wellness physio due to specific issues such as leakage, pain, pregnancy or menopause. Really, every woman will benefit from the expertise and insight of a kind, accredited women’s physiotherapist. Like Evoker whether you have a particular concern or you’re simply looking for a way to optimise your health, physiotherapy is your answer.

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