How does past life regression work?

If you have read in the news about past life regression, you probably wonder what it is and how it works. Past life regression is a form of guided hypnosis which takes you back through time to previous lives.

This is done by accessing experiences and memories that are normally tucked away unknown in the subconscious mind. Our lives today are so busy and full of noise that these memories are often hidden under the chaos and noise of our daily activities.

A past life regression session leads you by the hand away from the noise and into a peaceful and quiet state where it is easier to access those past memories that your subconscious mind holds.

Past life regression has these benefits for many people:

  • Reconnect you with your past life experiences.
  • Help you grasp why you may feel a deep connection to some places.
  • Explore your past lives and your modern soulmate experiences.
  • Pinpoint any physical problems you have which could be from past life experiences.
  • Explore any emotions that you are carrying in this life, which may create fears and beliefs that you cannot explain.
  • Embrace and acknowledge the vital lessons learned in those past lives.

When the life regression professional guides you through your past lives, you will remember everything as you are guided through this unique journey. Past life regression is not like stage hypnosis. You do not do anything that you will not recall later. The patient is aware throughout the experience and is deeply relaxed.

During the sessions, some people find lives that they shared with people that they have a bond within their current life. Others may be drawn to certain countries or places and feel comfortable there. Each life that is explored is an adventure and journey.

Many who go through this experience go back in time, but not everyone does. Some people have a belief that past lives do not exist and this can prevent their minds from surrendering to the experience. It is estimated that about 95% of clients have one or more past life experiences per regression.

Clients cannot choose the past lives they remember. Your subconscious mind will choose what you will remember and revisit. People only remember past lives when they are ready to do so.

Past life regression is a fascinating learning experience and is something everyone should consider to better understand their current lives.

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