Going to college to study Criminal Justice prepares you for a thrilling career in various fields. This area of specialization is developing fast and qualified candidates are in demand. It is, therefore, time people realized what it involves to be part of this important and exciting vocation.   People who work in this area have a lot to undertake like stopping misconduct, managing impartiality and helping to restore criminals.

For one to obtain a job in the criminal justice arena one is required to have any type of degree in criminal justice. There are a number of degrees in this line of study that one can opt for nowadays.  The beauty of it is that one can even opt to go for the online degree program. One of the most common degrees in Criminal Justice is a Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice Administration. With this kind of degree, you can contribute to the running of mass media, financial planning or even come up with concepts of doing away with offenses. With a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration from best schools like the University of Phoenix, you will have moved nearer to achieving your much longed-for job.

There are some fascinating and fastest-growing job openings in this area of criminal justice which include:-

  1. Corrections Officer

This is one of the most looked for a position in the arena of criminal justice which includes being operational in a corrections facility to defend the prisoners, guarantee their protection and ensure that they do not destroy anything or get involved in any kind of violence. Despite the fact this is surely so thought-provoking, it can similarly be passionately fulfilling and rewarding at a personal level.

  1. Court Reporter

During a lawful hearing, it is a requirement to have a write-up as proof of what was said by the people involved in the hearing as well as all observers A court reporter is the one that will record the word for word version of what is said during the hearing of the cases and in some other instances, in the legitimate reserved gatherings that may take place.  For one to qualify as a court reporter, one has to be exceptional in paying attention to what is being said, be able to comprehend and then, using whatever form of instrument available, be able to come up with a proper write up of all the accounts.

  1. Crime Scene Examiner

This refers to the trained personnel that are exclusively in charge of the accurate gathering and packing of the evidence at the place of any law-breaking activity.  It is a requirement that Crime Scene Examiners properly stick to the directives that are issued. Once an unlawful incident has occurred, these are the people who normally rush to the scene and look for evidence or traces connecting to the crime and whoever could be involved contrast to crime scene investigators and scientists whose work is to make follow-ups on what is found and collected from the scene.

  1. Fish and Game Warden

More and more people have now ventured into fishing and hunting.  This has necessitated the need for fish and game wardens to supervise and control this goings-on. Fish and game wardens are administration executives who check to guarantee that anglers and hunters have the appropriate passes and that they are only gathering what is allowed by law.

  1. Paralegal

A paralegal’s work is similar to a lawyer. A paralegal will be required to gather evidence for lawful hearings, get in touch with customers and assist in the preparation of material related to forthcoming lawful matters though they do not attend the sessions.  For one to qualify for this vocation, outstanding communication expertise and being able to work with a variety of diverse persons is a major requirement.

  1. Border Patrol Agent

Being a border patrol agent can be thrilling and satisfying as it entails screening the boundaries of the country and also the security and protection of all citizens of the country. Sign up for your criminal justice degree at the University of Phoenix today here.



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