Explore mouth-watering weed flavours that will melt your Heart

The aroma of marijuana relaxes the body and mind of every individual who is ready to taste the flavours of weed. Whether it is the sour citrus flavour or sweet strawberry flavour, you will feel amazed after smelling weed terpenes oil. You can take weed for both medical and recreational purpose. So buy weed online Canada from our store.

What is Cannabis Terpene?

Terpenes are produced from same glands which CBD and THC are made from. The aromatic oil has different types of flavours such as berry, citrus, flowery, pungent, skunk etc. These powerful smells not only repel its predators but also attract the pollinators. Some major factors determine the growth of terpenes in weed cannabis that includes soil, climate, fertilizers and many other factors as well.

Every strain has a different terpene flavour and composition. The multiple palates of weed plants are really splendid but the most enchanting trait of terpenes is its ability to act in a way that produces an effect with other elements present in the plant. For past few years, it is noticed that THC level in strains has increased whereas the CBD level has reached a lesser degree. Thus we can assume that terpenes play a significant role to produce distinct types of cannabis plant.

Difference between the types of Cannabis Plant

The terpenes hold eccentric features which have some unique flavours. Some help to reduce stress while others give you innovative ideas. The effects of terpenes can be noticed only when these are present in the right proportion with other components in weed varieties.  There are three varieties of weed strains such as Sativa, Indica and Hybrid available in the market. These strains offer various flavours which will give you a divine taste.

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