Why is it beneficial for your health to switch to e-liquids from smoking?

Americans are always confused about whether or not e-liquids are better than tobacco or whether they cause the same level of harm. According to a recent poll, it was seen that the public was split between people who thought e-liquids are much less harmful and those who believed that e-liquids are equally harmful as regular cigarettes. It is sad enough to note that there’s no safety data on electronic cigarettes which proves that they are not at all harmful but if you compare them to regular cigarettes, it has been proved that they cause much less harm.

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Before you get your best e-liquid from trustworthy online resources like buyv2cigs.co.uk/best-e-liquid/, you should know the few reasons behind making this switch. We’ve compiled a list of those reasons which will motivate you towards switching.

#1: E-liquids are 90% cheaper and cost-effective

Did you know that the cost of 1 e-cig cartridge is almost equivalent to 40 cigarettes? If you compare 2 packs of 20 cigarettes with e-cigarette, this offers 93% of saving. The vaporizers of most companies are much cheaper and the best part is that a single bottle of liquid lasts for 2-3 weeks and it costs only 3 pounds. Then can you imagine vaping for just a week?

#2: No ash, no smoke and no tar

We all are aware of the fact that conventional cigarettes contain more than 4000 chemicals which even include cyanide. For every 10 packs of 20 cigarettes that is burnt, contains 2g of tar which is one teaspoon, and this accumulates in your lungs. You have to understand the fact that the harm that is caused by smoking is not due to the nicotine or the tobacco but due to the smoke that is released from tobacco. On the contrary, the e-liquid cartridges have 5 ingredients, water, nicotine, VG, flavors and PG or propylene glycol.

#3: There’s no bad odor and you can have a better taste of food

There are several companies which offer e-liquids that are scented so that during vaping, all your senses enjoy a realistic and authentic experience of vaping. However, this smell disappears instantly leaving no bad odor in your mouth or in your clothes. Hence, you will regain your lost sense of smell which will give you a host of benefits like getting better taste of food.

Therefore, now that you know how e-liquids are better than smoking regular cigarettes, you should go and get one for yourself to be able to ditch smoking.

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